Made in Spain

Made in Spain

In times of offshoring Chine and other Asiatic countries seem to be the mecca of western technological organizations’ production. In this reality it is quite surprising that some enterprises focus their efforts in producing locally: Wattio is one of these businesses that wager for the “Made in Spain”. But, what does it mean that tag? And what it is more relevant: what does it provide to the user?

We are accustomed to find in the ticket of the products we usually consume names of countries that we even know where to find on the maps; however, you might have a surprise when reading the origin of Wattio’s products. This time, hopefully, you will be able to find on the map the country where our devices come from: Wattio’s integral solution for your smart home is mainly designed and produced in Spain. 

The software of the system is entirely designed in Wattio, whereas the production of the devices is made principally in Zaragoza and the Basque Country. Almost the whole design of the firmware is centralized in the headquarters of the company: in Donostia.

¿What does “Made in Spain” provide to Wattio’s user?

Some of you might be wondering the same question: which are the benefits of this label for the user?

-          Quality

Designing and producing all our product in Spain makes possible the higher control of the quality of our products. We know the exhaustive quality
controls to which our products are subject, and as a consequence, we know the quality we are offering to the consumer. And no, quality doesn’t mean high prices; having mainly a Spanish production doesn’t make us less competitive, it increases our products’ quality at the same time we continue being competitive.  

-          Excelent technical support

When having any type of trouble with the system, Wattio’s team try to resolve the problem as soon as possible without having to wait to contact any other supplier. As the system is almost entirely designed in the same company, the responses to the incidents are much faster.

The support technicians are highly qualified in software and hardware, so they are able to diagnose and solve the doubts and curiosities of the users always with a smile and in an effective and rapid manner. Our technical support is highly valued by our customers and even the ones that aren’t consumers of Wattio can experience it before buying the devices thanks to the chat at

-          Better customer support

Closely connected to the previous point, because of firmware and software are designed at the same organization, in customer support they will respond efficiently to your doubts and problems.  We are not a company that hardly knows about the functioning of our system; we are the ones who have created it, so we are also the ones who know it best, and who can best guide you if you are having a problem.

-          Flexibility 

We have the 100% of the control of the product, so we can rapidly adapt it to the needs of our users. We highly value the clues that the market gives us, giving special importance to what our users’ experience, so that we can design a product that satisfies their needs in the best possible way. As a result, we have an alive product, constantly evolving with new functionalities (see the web access (link to that we created after the user's growing demand for it) and devices as fast as the market demands. This also allows the adaptability of our home automation system to special needs that companies may have; one of the differentiating aspects of Wattio.

The flexibility of the system to adapt to new scenarios is essential when competing in such a volatile and changing environment as the IoT. This is a significant advantage of Wattio over its competitors: taking the reins of the system to adapt to new protocols, or being compatible with emerging platforms, makes Wattio’s devices advance at the same speed as the market, making it one of the leading connected home systems.

This chart clearly reflects the above stated, where Wattio leads the customer rating together with NEST. 

Beyond being a simple indicator of the origin of the product, the "Made in Spain" label offers to the user several benefits and facilities that if the product had another origin would be inviable. This is how the user must interpret this label, as a symbol of the additional benefits that the product can provide; this is why it is so extremely important to look at the provenance of the products when it comes to decide the home automation system that best suits our needs.

The "Made in Spain" indicates much more than the origin!