Autumn season already reached and for some of us, it means a higher energy consumption. Even if the heater is not on already, we spend more time at home and the daylight disappears earlier… no worries anyway.

We are here to help you with 10 useful tips for energy saving, using the POD and the BAT as the perfect allies.

  • Lets make it easy for beginners: eliminate the stand by consumption of your electric appliances. The common red light when you turn off the TV means that it keeps consuming. All night and 10 more hours a day like this, every day, means a 5% of the energy consumption that you are not even using. So, place a POD in standby mode for your PV and PCs to cut it off and start saving.
  • You can try the same with chargers and current Transformers. As soon as they are plugged, they are consuming, so instead of plugging an unplugging them several time a day, just connect them with the POD and turn them off from your phone or make them work automatically with a calendar.
  • Detect obsolete electric appliances. That vintage lamp from 1946 that your granny gave you, or the fridge that is already older than you, could be wasting energy. Verify it with the POD and if the consumption is too high, consider replacing those appliances. 

  • Switch it off. Yes, obvious, right? But maybe not that easy as it looks like. Did you leave the TV on, as you felt asleep on the sofa? Did your kids ask you to leave the lamp on until they fall asleep? It is easy to turn the lamp and the TV off at a time automatically with the POD calendars. So you can fall exhausted with no extra energy consumption ;)
  • You can analyze if your electric rate adapts to your energy consumption habits. Maybe you changed you job and now your reach back home at 22:30 in the night. Then you can think about a night tariff instead of your current flat tariff. The BAT can help you to making this decision.
  • Do you turn off the oven, when you are ironing the house, while you watch TV and clean the PC cookies all together? Maybe, using it all together requires a higher contracted power, so a higher energy bill. Try to iron on Saturday mornings and switch off the TV if you are not really watching it, to find out if you can lower the contracted power. The BAT and the POD will help you with the calculation.
  • Detect if it is time to change your lighting by low consumption LED lights. It is a recommendation in all the energy saving articles, so lets give it a try. The BAT can monitor your lighting consumption, so compare it with the hypothetical consumption that you might have with the low consumption LED lights and decide if it makes sense. 

  • Did they call you from an electric Company to tell you about their new autumn offer? If you are thinking to change but you are not completely sure about it, you can input the offer rates on the tariff menu of the app and see if your consumption drops this week. If it does, it will be a good choice. 

  • Try to adjust the variable of your electric appliances to a more efficient mode and compare if they are wasting less energy, measuring them with the POD. Adjust the fridge temperature to 7 degrees, do the washing with 40º water heating or use the EVO mode of your dishwasher and double check it has an impact on your consumption.
  • If you already tried all the previous tips, you are definitely a master energy saver. So it is time to focus into details to keep improving, so lets turn the industrial mode on and lets identify the bottle neck of your energy consumption. Monitor which appliances or electric circuits and the ones that require a higher consumption and focus your saving abilities on reducing them, to save more with less effort. Keep pushing!!!