Auomate turning the heating off when leaving home with Wattio, IFTTT and Life360

Auomate turning the heating off when leaving home with Wattio, IFTTT and Life360

We are glad to start writing the Blog with something that we are really passionate about as members of the Wattio project. Chatting with Wattio users. From these conversations great experiences stand out and we try to capture them on the Blog to spread the message out, of how the Wattio home automation system can help you to live more comfortably and safely and additionally saving energy. 

On the following lines, you can take a look at the experience that Genis posted on the Forum. 

I'm personally very worried about the energy saving issue and I have researched about how to turn on and off the heating, the lighting of the alarm system when the last family member heaves the house.

When activating the IFTTT set up, many new possibilities came available and thanks to what Marcos added on my publications I could make it work. Now the Thermic turns off automatically when we all leave from home. 

I'm pretty sure that many of you are as well concerned about it, so I would like to share how I implemented it.

1. You need to download the LIFE360 app on your phone.

2. You need to register and create a family circle, with your home address. 

3. On each mobile phone you need to install the LIFE 360 app and you need to create a user account. 

4. On the next step you need to add to the family circle all the family members.

One the LIFE360 app is set up, we need to continue ahead with IFTTT. IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO INSTALL THE APP ON YOUR PHONE. 

1. On your web browser, access    and create an account to create our recipes. 

2. Once logged in IFTTT we can use any existing recipe or create our own ones. 

3. On the searching field, type "when the last member..." and click on search. 

     4The result will be a list of recipes that match what you are looking for. 

In thiIn this case, as the example is Spanish the recipe is as well, but you can find many recipes in English as well, or create your own ones. 

              5. To use an already existing recipe, we need to click on it.

               6. Once inside the recipe details, connect to the THERMIC and LIFE360 channels. If you are not already connected, you need to connect to them now. 

     7. Once connected, you just need to follow the set up on the IFTTT recipe, introducing the home address and choosing the Thermic, when required. 

             8. Press the ADD button to create start using the recipe and star saving.