BLACK FRIDAY Wattio 2017

BLACK FRIDAY Wattio 2017

The best Smart home guide for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Black Friday is back again and everyone is already planning what to buy, as it is one of the most expected dates in technology shopping, with great deals.

In Wattio we are as well excited already, so we want to help you make the best of the Black Friday promos, focusing on suggestions about Smart home, that is our expertise.

These are our tips to turn your home into a smart home, with the best pricing:

  • It is a very good moment to get a GATE to start building your Smart home system. The GATE is always a must for a reliable and secure system, so it a good date to get it in a lower price. 

  • With the same approach, getting a pack could be a good idea. It includes the necessary devices to star to turn your house into a smart home that you can control from your smartphone, so getting it cheaper is always great. Now you just need to think what you prefer: security or comfort pack and energy savings.  

  • The winter is knocking at the door and low temperatures are already here. This season though, you don’t need to spend extra funds in heating. The Back Friday it´s a great date to get an intelligent thermostat and discover the benefits of smart heating: heating remote control from your smartphone, reduction of energy consumption, feeling warm when coming back home…so the Black Friday is a great “why not” to step ahead. 

  • Christmas breaks, visiting the family away, a weekend in the snowy mountains… if you are leaving for a holiday don’t leave your home unprotected. Get your security system with a special offer and avoid unexpected surprises.
  • It is important comparing promotions; we don’t need to focus just on that though, but on the benefits of the products as well, to match our needs with a well-chosen product. We suggest you to look at the rates at the app marketing (Play Stores and App Store), as it reflects the experience of the users with the product and its performance. 

  • When you buy  a smartphone, you compare different models and you consider many features such as the screen size, the memory, the design, the price… when you are about to choose a home automation system, you proceed similarly, taking into account characteristics such as:

                 o   The device catalogue

                 o   The opinions of the users at the app markets

                 o   The reliability and security of the system

                 o   The system covers your needs at home in terms of security, comfort or energy savings

                 o   To be easy to use

                 o   To have an only app to control your home

                 o   To have a discrete design, matching your house deco


It is a great day for buying your system, but consider more than just the discounts. As you will read around Black Friday, plan your shopping in advance to make better decisions. 

In Wattio, we are ready for the Black Friday with great surprises, to make you get a very highly ranked, complete and reliable Smart home system.