Calendars now available on the Smartphone App

Calendars now available on the Smartphone App

As you know, your Wattio System is like premium wine, it becomes better as time goes by. We launch new functionalities and improvements periodically. Today is time for calendars.

Do you have to wake up earlier in the morning and so you want to set an earlier heating time but only on Tuesdays and Thursdays? ¿Did you realize that you need to set a new calendar for the water heater? Now you can create and edit calendars from our new mobile app.

Remove the standby of your appliances, automatize you coffee machine’s ignition in the morning, wake up in a warm apartment without leaving the heating on all night long, etc. If you have a fix schedule, you want to save, or simulate presence, this is your functionality.



1-     Go to CALENDARS on the main menu.

2-     There you can see the list of previously created calendars and create new ones for POD’s and THERMIC’s. You can create as many calendars as you want.

3-     By clicking on a calendar or creating one, you access to the calendar edition tool which will guide you to set it up step by step.


4-     We’ve designed the editor to be simple and user friendly.

  •         To select a time interval, select the starting time by keeping the screen pushed until it vibrates and repeating this at the end time.
  •         Change the day by sliding your finger on the screen.

  •        Copy the time set of a day to others to be faster.

Remind that the THERMIC can also be automated with calendars. In addition, you will find three options to automate your THERMIC according to your needs. You can set up the calendar according to your routines and also choose any of the pre-set calendars if you are looking for comfort or if you aim is to save in the energy bill.  

How do calendars coexist with the manual control and other devices through IFTTT?

As you know, in Wattio calendars have priority. If you created it, then you want it to work. Nevertheless, Wattio is flexible enough to change from automatic to manual when it receives a command, manual or via IFTTT. This command will keep active until the calendar triggers an “operation mode change”.

For example, if a POD works on a calendar that sets an ON mode period between 1pm to 3pm and 5pm to7pm, and the user commands it to turn OFF at 2pm, the POD will turn on again at 5pm and will go off at 7pm as programmed.

Thank you for helping us making your/our Wattio domotic system grow :)