We are launching the new Co-Alert feature, a collaborative security tool, to protect your house from dangerous situations, in an innovative way. 

With Co-Alert we are giving the users a new way to share security notifications, to create a more effective protection network. This way it is easier and faster to protect your house from intruders.

The new feature will allow you to receive notifications from SIREN alerts from other users' systems with no need to login. So if there is a SIREN RINGING alarm at your neighbor’s or at your parents' house for example you can receive it as well.

Is your SIREN ringing unexpectedly but you are not at home? No worries, your neighbor already got your notification and he is checking what is going on. 

You can check the the occured alerts on the Co-Alert section, at the main menu, on the Wattio SmartHome app.
This way, you will be better protected and you will feel sacure, as a network of trustworthy people will be ready when you need them.
We know that there is time to think when something startge is happening at home, so we suggest you to rename the associated accound, to identify them quickly.
Your associated users will see just your user name and the SIREN alarm time, so nothing else about your system and of course, they will NOT have the possibility to control your SIREN to switch it on and off. 
You can associate users easily, scanning their QR codes. Just follow the steps on the app.
One of the users has to press the upper button to show the QR code and the other user will press the button below, to start scanning the QR code.
The order is not important, as both accounts join to each other mutully.
To disassociate, just delete the other user user.
Read carefully the instructions on the app to understand how the feature works and remind that the QR code will work for one day from its creation. After that it will expire, so you have to press again the generation button to create a new QR code. 
Many times, even if you are not at home, you can trust on noighbors or familiar that live close to help you to protect your home and double check that everything is fine.
Co-Alert is a colaborative protection tool for Wattio users, to create a network in order to ensure security, with an innovative approach.
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