Energy saving tips for the summer

Energy saving tips for the summer

Summer is here, yaaaaaaay! ;)))) Days become longer and the suffocating heat starts with the consequent increase in air conditioning, the increase of visits to the refrigerator for cool drinks and ice creams... obviously, it can increase significantly energy consumption. So, before going mad with the energy bill… note down these tips!

-          Adjust the electric power to your real consumption

A large percentage of consumers contract a higher electric power than they need for their daily life. As the contracted power is a fixed factor in the bill, and its price increases the higher the power is, the expense increases significantly. Therefore, when saving money, it is important to choose an electric power, taking into account the usual electrical consumption. Is it necessary to make the oven, the ceramic hob, the dryer and the washing machine to work all at the same time? If the answer is no, why do you hire a power that makes it possible?

-          Contract a hourly discrimination electricity rate

Hiring an hourly discrimination electricity rate may be interesting in order to save money. With this rate, the electricity is cheaper for the consumer when the demand is lower (for Iberdrola from 11:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.), however, for the rest of the day the energy is more expensive. This way, if you have the possibility of concentrating the energy consumption when the electricity is cheaper, the electrical expense will remarkably decrease. It is essential to analyseyour consumption patterns, to make sure that it benefits you.

-          From the freezer to the refrigerator

When thawing food, instead of taking it out of the freezer and placing it at room temperature, it is more energy efficient, to move it from the freezer to the refrigerator. The low temperature at which frozen food is, will make it possible for the refrigerator to take advantage of the cold they give off, by the time that the food defrosts much more gradually.

-          Fan(s) before air conditioning

A fan can consume up to 90% less than air conditioning, and in most cases, it is enough to get a nice temperature. The place where the fan is located is also essential for an optimum environment: place it on the ceiling or in the coolest areas of the house for a better performance and a lower energy consumption. 

-          Do not lower the air conditioning below 25ºC

If you still opt for the air conditioning, make sure that the temperature is no lower than 25ºC. This way you will save both energy and colds ;) According to EVE (Ente Vasco de la Energía), it is estimated that for each degree that you decrease the air conditioning, on average, energy consumption increases 8%.

-          Turn off devices you do not use

The devices that are working emit heat and therefore, home temperature increases. Turning off those that are not in use is the key action to keep your home fresh while saving energy. It is important to cut off the stand by consumption of your appliance, because while the TV or the PC, are in stand by status, they keep consuming energy and emitting heat. Intelligent plugs can be very useful for eradicating the stand by consumption (an average of 5% of the total energy waste). Does it seem like an insignificant gesture to you? Check the consumption you can save after a year with different devices.

-          Are they on? make the most of them!

Take advantage of the capabilities of devices that are on. How? Use, for example, the USB ports of computers, televisions or GATEs to load other devices as smartphones or music players.


-          It's summer, take advantage of it!

The good weather and the longer days are your best allies: use the sunlight and decrease the light consumption; make the most of the high temperatures to lay clothes outdoors and give to the dryer a well-deserved vacation. Enjoy outside plans and save electricity ;)

Summer can be a great time of year to save on electricity consumption. Follow these recommendations, try to always make a responsible consumption of energy and enjoy this season!

And you? Do you have any other tip that you would like to share? Don’t think twice!