The Smart home is something that has been on the market for long now. Those last years there are new brands in the market, such as Wattio, that are transforming the market of home automation. The aim has been to democratize the smart home products to make them more accessible and user friendly.

When you think about buying a Smart home system, we almost have the same questions and in the present post you will find the answer to the most of them.

1- ¿What can I do with a Smart home system like Wattio?

You will be able to control your home from your phone. Receive notifications to get to know what is going on at home and control it remotely. Turn the heating on and off as well as your appliances control the security alarm…

Wattio has devices for heating, energy saving and security. Everything designed so that you can interact with your home through the app.

2- ¿What do you need to turn your house into a Smart home?

There are three requirement to transform your home:

  • Having an Internet connection. The Wattio system is designed to have a very low consumption of internet and electricity.
  • Your will need a Smartphone, with a minimum of Android 4.1 or iOS 7.
  • You will need a Wattio GATE, the smart hub, that is a must to start building your system (except for the Wattio CAM).

When considering an example of starter pack to automate your home, there are different options, according to what your want to control at home.

The packs are the best starting options, as they include a GATE and the devices for different needs:

  • El Pack Security, to protect your home
  • El Pack Energy, for energy saving in terms of heating and electricity
  • El Pack Comfort, for the comfort, the remote control and the energy saving

All the devices are available as well individually and those are the most popular:

  • The POD is the most complete Smart plug in the market: switch appliances on and off from your smartphone, set up calendars, eliminate sntand by consumption, get to know your consumption patterns… and a longer list of features make the POD one of our best sellers.
  • The Wattio CAM: is a Wifi, ip camera for video monitoring. It will allow you to see your home in streaming and receive videos as son as noise or movement are detected. It is compatible with Dropbox, it has a memory card to record the content, night vision and bi-direction audio. For these features, its minimal design and the compatibility with more Wattio devices the Wattio CAM is one of the favorite devices.
  • El THERMIC is the King in the Winter. It allows you to control the heating from wherever you are, so it is a clear benefit comparing to traditional thermostats. It offers a higher comfort and a reduction in energy consumption. With the POD you can also control the heating of electric radiators, so it is an added value that makes the THERMIC so convenient in winter.

3- ¿Is it save?

In Wattio we take security seriously. We designed the solution to protect your information and make sure that you and only you and the ones you allow have access to control your devices.

We use the best encoding techniques between the devices and the GATE and our services on the cloud and the app. It means that the risk is very limited. A good example is that the connection of the GATE with the cloud is made by VPN.

Additionally, the GATE is a mini Linux PC based on a robust infrastructure, with a Fog Computing architecture, that will allow the system to keep working, even when the Internet fails.

Wattio is a highly recommeded system, for being reliable and complete. The users rank Wattio with high marks on the app markets and this is one of the best examples of value.

4- ¿How much can I save?

It is one of the most common questions and one of the most difficult to answer, as there are many variables to consider.

The experience in Smart home gave us a some highlights that we want to share:

  • The electricity saving can be up to 20%. The BAT helps identifying anomalous consumptions that we can correct, to save and the POD can eliminate the stand by consumption that could be up to 7% direct saving. The more BATs and PODs we have, the more we will know about our consumption, so the better we willl save.
  • The energy consumption could be up to 35-40% of the total energy consumption in winter. Here there are many variables to consider: the location of the house, its orientation, the insulation and many more can influence the heating usage. We detected that the THERMIC can reduce your heating consumption up to 32% by programing the heating, using ECO calendars, PROTECT modes or just by turning off the heating when you don’t need it.
  • Having a security system will not make you have in the energy bill, but it won’t be an extra expense. Wattio has no monthly fees and you can even combine it with heating and electricity devices to multiply the save that they can produce. Turn off the heating automatically when venting the room could be a great example.

5- ¿Why Wattio and not a traditional security system?

These are some of the benefits of Smart home in comparison with traditional security solutions:

  • No monthly fees.
  • 24/7 notifications of your home instantly and an unlimited posibility to check the occured alerts, on your Smartphone and on the GATE.
  • Not just security benefits but also features for everyday life: get to know when your kids back home are or feel closer to home if you are on a business trip.
  • Wattio offers a collaborative security, so your system will instantly share the SIREN’s alerts with your neighbor’s or your family’s Wattio app that they will be informed in real time of the emergency in your house, so apart from your you will have extra people that can take a look and double check what is going on.
  • It is compatible with more Smart home products in the market, through IFTTT
  • It is compatible with IFTTT to amplify features: control the switching of the security alarm by voice of by geolocalization.
  • Expansion of the security feature by using electricity devices such as the BAT for detecting anomalous consumptions or the POD to simulate presence if you are on holiday.

6- ¿Is it compatible with more products?

Yes and it is doubtless one of the core features of Wattio. The system is compatible with most of the smart home products in the market via IFTTT. Light bulbs, smart locks and many more examples.

Additionally IFTTT multiplies the features of the system:

  • Turn on the lamp of the living room when it gets dark
  • Turn on the heating when snow is forecasted
  • Activate the alarm when I leave home
  • Deactivate the alarm when I reach back home
  • Control my home with SIRI

Everything done automatically without pushing any button.

Wattio is also extensible itself. Many users choose a starter pack and then increase the system adding devices gradually.

7- ¿Is it difficult to install?

It is designed to be easy to install.

It has no need of construction work, as the devices are all plug and play and almost all of them work with batteries.

The installation process is step by step guided on the app, with illustrations and videos that explain what to do.

Additionally, we have a customer service to help you if you have a problem or any doubt during the installation or set up process and even if there are questions during the usage of the system.

The installation is one of the experiences that we take into special consideration. We know that it is one of the barriers on the smart home, so we designed carefully and we keep redesigning it to make it more intuitive and user friendly.

8- ¿Does it require a home-work?

No and all the necessary accessories are included in the pack. It just requires an additional screw driver.

It is all plug and play and almost all the devices with with batteries.

The THERMIC and the BAT could look a bit more complicated to install, but they are not at all.

The THERMIC is about replacing the current thermostat and the BAT is about opening the electric panel to put the amperimetric campls.

The app will guide the installation step by step and it can be done by anyone.

The maintenance is just about changing the batteries when they are about to finish.

9- My home is just renting, so I don’t want to buy the system if I hace to leave it if I move.

This will not happen with Wattio. As it is a work-less system, you can take it with you if your move.

You can even change the devices from one place to another in your house or take them to your holiday house. Just connect them back to the Internet and the system will be ready.

That is the reason why it is also a good choice for your business. For shops, offices, gyms or apartment houses. You will be able to reduce energy consumption, control what is going on and prevent robberies. The Wattio system is installed in many companies and the results have been really good, according to the users.

10- ¿How much is it?

It is another key of this “new age” of the Smart home sector. Starting from 99,99€ you will have options to transform your house.

Wattio have different packs to start with that you can later extend with more devices.

On Christmas we have great offers for starter packs, so make the most of them.