Summer is about to reach us and you just have your beach house in mind. We realized it as more and more users contact our support team asking for advice when implementing the Wattio home automation system at their vacation houses. So we have written this quick guide to show you the better face of Wattio to automate you beach house and ensure its security.

Between the variety of functionalities of Wattio, we have chosen the most appropriate ones for vacation houses to make the very best usage of the system, oriented to the needs that you can have in terms of controlling your holiday house.  


Security, video monitoring and comfort. Those are the must have for a vacancy home. The country house, the beach apartment or the mountain home are great example to install a home automation system that will allow you to control everything from your smartphone and improve security when being away. 


  • SECURITY: the door and window contact sensor and the movement and temperature sensor will let you know when intruders are detected and with the acoustic siren you will be able to chase them away with no risk and automatically, getting to know what is going on at home with live notifications.

  • VIDEO MONITORING: if you are wondering to control your vacation house 24/7 the IP Wifi Camera is a good choice and the perfect combination of the security sensors, as it will additionally allow you to take a live view of the house and record videos and get them on your smarphone if a presence alarm triggers.

  • COMFORT: The Wattio Thermic will let you control the house heating from your phone so that when you reach your mountain residence, you find it warm and ready. Additionally you can enjoy the POD, smart plug, that will let you switch appliances on and off remotely to simulate presence and cut stand by consumption to cut costs.


How do I install it on my vacation house?

Very simple. It is a Do It Yourself Kit and you can install by yourself in 20 minutes, with no tooling requirements.

Just remind you that an Internet connection is required to make the System work.

It is quite common not having a telephone line in vacation houses so here is our recommendation: get a 3G router with an Internet data SIM card.

As the Wattio System’s Internet consumption is really low, it will be more than enough to get a 500MB card and you can get them for 3 to 5 € a month, so there is no excuse!

Enjoy your holiday without being worried about your home security and enjoy the comfort that home automation can provide you on your beach apartment. Controlling your home from your home will turn into the main topic of your summer dinners when inviting friends ;)