IFTTT on your Wattio app

IFTTT on your Wattio app

Wattio is compatible with the main mobile apps and Internet connected services, directly from the Wattio SmartHome app.

Wattio and IFTTT agreed to be Partner, so Wattio becomes part of a select group of companies.

Apart from Wattio, companies like Google, BMW, nest, Spotify, Twitter, Hue or Faebook has also signed the partnership agreement with IFTTT, as part of its new strategy.


Wattio steps ahead in the IFTTT integration within the Wattio SmartHome app, in order to make the home automation app, completely compatible with the main Internet oriented solutions in the market.

This update includes a new “Compatibility” space in the main menu, with a direct access to the IFTTT services, in collaboration with the Wattio channels. 

This is Wattio’s first move to make IFTTT more accessible from the SmartHome app. In words of the CEO Patxi Echeveste “we strongly believe that the future of the IoT transits within the way of the compatibility with more Internet connected devices and services, so we will continue evolving that way”.

Wattio is the synonym of compatibility with any other connected service and Wattio chooses IFTTT to guarantee so. 

The new app updates includes as well improvements in terms of:

1. New alert design when you are surfing the app. It allows using the app, even if you receive live notifications. 

2. The historic data chart redesign:

* A new layout to make the cost visual and appealing.

* Visually identifiable range discrimination.


3. Redesign of the login screen, to allow seeing the password.

4. A more intuitive way to set up calendars, as the new default values will be 20ºC for the THERMIC and ON mode for the POD:

5. Bug solving actions. 

Wattio is a leader Spanish Company that develops, manufactures and markets a technological platform to turn houses into Smart homes. Wattio is an innovation-led company, with systems in 34 countries, offers one of the few home automation systems that has an integral service catalogue for energy efficiency, comfort and security.  

IFTTT empowers people to do more with the services they love. We connect over 360 apps, devices, and services; including Facebook, Twitter, Philips Hue, Dropbox, Google, Nest, Fitbit, BMW, and Slack. IFTTT users can turn on and create Applets that use these services and automate different triggers and actions.