Invite a friend

Invite a friend

There is no one around you, to activate the new Co-Alert feature, to improve your security?

Don't worry! With the new INVITE A FRIEND campaign, we will help you to recommend Wattio to your friends neighbors and family members offering great discounts, for you and for them.

To invite someone, you have to be a Wattio client. 

Access the shop and login. 

If it is your first time at the Wattio shop, you have to create a new account and login. 

Access to your account details.

Click on the last referral module to invite a friend. The steps are very easy.

When you invite someone, that person will receive an invitation email, with a 15% discount. 

When that person registers on the shop and makes a purchase, you will receive an email with a discount code.

Talk to your friends and recommend them Wattio, as you know the daily benefits of the system.

And as you know...a discount is always a good purchase argument ;)