New App update: Double user

New App update: Double user

The most engaged Wattio users are lucky today, as the new App update allows them to have two users logged in simultaneously, at the same app session. This means that you will need just one click to go from one system to the other and the most important thing, you will receive both users' push notifications on your phone. 



The double user feature is ideal for those of you who already have two systems. It is very good news as well if you are thinking about getting an extra system for your business or holiday home, as you will get to know what is going on all the time. 


To make the user management easier and more intuitive, the app now offers the option of creating a visual avatar, using a picture, as a symbol of the system.
We also improved the main menu, to make it quicker to move into the most used features of the app. 


The new update also includes a step ahead in terms of the tariff service, a very visual progress in this case. We will keep including improvements in this section, in order to customize the calculation of the consumption, according to personal tariffs. 


Finally, the app release includes an improvement of the graphic representation of historic consumption, as the experience of checking the consumption patterns is a key feature on the Wattio SmartHome app. 

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