Oracle & Enertic

Oracle & Enertic


Last week we participated in two events in Madrid:  the Oracle- Be Data Driven event and the Enertic Smart Energy Congress.

The insights that we gained from both shows are great examples of the evolution and potential growth of the Smart Home market

Our CCO, Ivan Rogani, and Data & Business Intelligence Manager, Jon Uranga, provided their thoughts on these exciting events.


Wattio had the great opportunity to participate in this event as a key partner led by Oracle. Apart from being a key partner, we were also the smart home solution provider with the largest presence within the Oracle project, which makes us enormously proud and honored to be part of such an exciting opportunity.

This event was aimed at demonstrating how industry-changing technologies, like Wattio´s, can be included in the Oracle ecosystem to jointly offer competitive advantages for large companies through the management and enhancement of data.

The focus of this event was centered on the exposure of Oracle Big Data management technologies, which can be obtained from solutions provided by Wattio, framed within Oracle in its WeDo Project.  Oracle´s WeDo project is a cloud experience of more than 25 integrated services (21 PaaS and 5 SaaS services) focused on integrated user hospitality services. 

This was demonstrated via the Oracle platform in combination with Wattio´s smart home suite offering. 

These combined solutions were demonstrated in multiples ways including the possibilities of these technologies for the smart home sector and how it affects the insurance industry.  This application example has already been a high point of interest within Oracle Germany.

There was a strong presence from the Banking sector, with whom Ivan had the opportunity to exchange impressions and talk about the joint benefits of Wattio and Oracle

This is a direct reflection of the very fruitful relationship that continues to grow internationally. New opportunities have also emerged in Oracle France and Switzerland, in the insurance sector, where Wattio´s services integrate perfectly.

These new developments drive us to continue to work and evolve to move forward with new projects Stay tuned for more details regarding these exciting joint projects.

Jon Uranga, Wattio's Big Data and Business Intelligent Specialist, also weighed in on the event: 

- The event was a great showcase of the potential of Oracle's technology suite, both from an infrastructural and operational point of view.

-  Big Data solutions are moving towards a more accessible approach. Although the Data Scientist profile is still a must for digital businesses, the technological requirements are less taxing. One does not need to be a top programmer to be able to conduct queries and analyses with platforms such as the one showcased by Oracle. The knowledge and expertise requirement is shifting more towards knowing what to do (which analysis to conduct, which model to fit, which variables to choose) and less towards knowing how to do it.

- Large tech service providers are striving for the "all-in-one" solution: data hosting and storage, computational infrastructure and analytics suites. Oracle has its Cloud system, Microsoft is pushing Azure and Google is improving its platform with easy-to-use systems like TensorFlow Hub.

- This cutting-edge technology is a jump towards fully autonomous systems that can self-drive, self-repair and self-secure themselves.

- Naturally, the IoT world will benefit from all these advances. The capability to obtain large quantities of data, to store them and to analyze them, in real time, with minimal effort from an infrastructure setup and maintenance point of view will, without a doubt, push the boundaries of IoT-based solutions.

- These technical capabilities were shown in the “WeDo Domo”, in which Wattio devices were seamlessly integrated with an Oracle platform, which allowed the analyst and/or user to fetch, handle and obtain value from the data; as well as automate processes based on such data.


To close out a strong week, Ivan Rogani, Wattio´s CCO, participated in Enertic Madrid, where many hardware manufacturers were present, looking for viable solutions such as data centers. 

Institutional bodies, such as town halls from different national locations, present at the event, emphasized strongly the importance of energy efficiency. These administrations are working strategically in the Smart Cities sector

Fascinating conversations are being held around technologies that help create smart, efficient and sustainable urban environments that help citizens save energy.

In this regard, Ivan had the pleasure of exchanging views with one of Microsoft's Strategic Directors, with a long career within the company.

Having the opportunity to talk about the evolution of the sector, the changes that are happening in the market and potential collaborations with different partners, was undoubtedly, a great snapshot for Wattio at Enertic Smart Energy Congress.