According to the latest news in home burglary, the summer season is the favourite one for the thiefs, as they prefer entering empty houses.

These news scare us indeed and we have noticed an increase in terms of security enquiries on our support chat. Smart security systems are very positively valued on the market and they suppose a new option in terms of home protection.

In this post it will be describes how you can set up the Wattio connected alarm that will notify on your smartphone, facing unexpected events at any time and with NO extra fees. 

With the door and window contact sensor, the movement sensor and video monitoring camera, you will have the total control of your home through your Smartphone. You will receive alerts when intruders are detected, when unexpected presence is detected and you will be able to check streaming images of your home. ¿Did the system detect and intruders? Make the siren sound and chase them away, as you receive an instant notification on your smartphone. 

Take a look at the security system working on the following video

All the system is powered by a mobile app that allows you to use your Smartphone as a controller to command the alarm system:

  •          Activate and deactivate the alarm
  •          Make the siren sound remotely in one click
  •          Create rules to automate actions in order to protect your home without taking risks
  •          Receive notifications on your Smartphone
  •          Record images or take a look at your home live  
  •          …


The automation rules can be created on your phone easily:

  •          Notifications when movement is detected
  •          Notifications when doors or windows are opened
  •          Make the siren sound when the alarm triggers
  •          Receive Camera recordings on your smartphone when the alarm triggers
  •          …



Controlling the alarm system and the siren is really quick and it additionally allows you to activate and deactivate rules as well. You can deactivate completely the alarm system or just the notifications coming from one device and also switch the siren on and off.

The app is very intuitive and easy to use, you will realize it on the very first usage. 

Apart from deactivating the rules momentarily when you come back home, you can also set them up according to a calendar. This is a really useful option when your routines are stablished, as you can automate the notifications. 

And what happens if there is an internet or power cut?

For these cases we recommend the creation of a rule for “GATE disconnection”. So if there are problems with your internet network or there is a sudden power cut, you will notice it instantly.  


In addition, if your internet connection fails, even if you won’t have mobile access to your home, the system will keep working locally. All the data will remain in the system, the alerts will be registered and the recordings stored in the local SD card of the camera, so all the content will be available when the connection restores.

The notifications can be received on your Smartphone, also by email and on the GATE as well. You can choose the way you want them when creating the rule. 

Don’t go on holiday asking your neighbor to collect your post, the thieves already know that one! Invest on security and protect your home remotely with no risk thanks to Wattio, the connected security.