Smart security tips to keep your home secure during the Easter break

Smart security tips to keep your home secure during the Easter break

Easter is just around the corner, and it is a high time for travelling, to enjoy the good weather and organize a day out… we definitely spend more time than usual away from home. This fact is a source of happiness, but of worry though: What does it happen at home when I am away? What if someone comes in?

You may be wondering about these and other questions, but, how can we face them? Wattio’s smart home system could be really useful in order to maintain burglars away from home, with no danger and from wherever you are. Do not miss the following protection tip to keep your home secure!  

-          Switch on the lights of your home even when you are enjoying the sun:

How many times have you been told not to pull down the shutters when you are going on vacation so it looks like you are at home? However, even if you don’t pull down the shutters, if house lights do not turn on in six days, the ones that are interested would perceive that something strange is happening at home. But the question is: what can be done to look like someone is at home? Design a calendar for the POD  so your house lights turn on automatically while you are enjoying a pleasant dinner far away from home.    

-          Make your sofa watch TV or your plants listen to music

If you think that turning on the house lights is not enough to maintain cut off from home the unwanted visits, you can take a step forward and make noises at home. How? Just the way you have configured the intelligent plug to turn on and off the lights automatically, you can apply the same technology to the TV or the music player. This way, the sofa won’t miss your favorite TV program, and your plants will get the most out of their holiday listening to Mozart.

-          If any movement is detected, notification to the Smartphone

Do you want to be immediately informed when a movement is detected at home? You can set uo the MOTION, DOOR and SIREN, so as soon as a movement is detected at home, because someone opened the door or any other action, an alert will be notified on your smartphone and the SIREN will start ringing.

-          Know what is happening at home in real time 24/7

Aren’t you satiated only knowing that something have just moved at home? Do you want to know who have just entered or which movement was detected? If so, the Wattio IP CAMERAwill be your best ally. The wifi camera provides you with real time images of your home and you can set it up, so it starts recording every time when movement or sound are detected. 

-          The security that pays for its own

Use the BAT as an informer of the presence of non-awaited visits: you can receive alerts in your smartphone when anomalous energy consumptions are detected. If the BAT perceives any energy consumption superior to the one when no one is at home, it starts suspecting and it notifies to the user. The BAT may be the best complement of the MOTION or the DOOR to detect presence in your home. During the rest of the year, the BAT's energy monitoring functionalities could be used to save energy.     

Remember that all these tips are not useful at all if you are going to be sharing your adventures in your social media profiles. Do not forget about the Instacacos to make the most of your holidays in the most secure way!

Follow these advices and enjoy calmly your Easter holidays! Do you know any other trick? Do not hesitate and share it with us!