We all know Leroy Merlin, the French multinational founded in 1920, and dedicated to the sale of all types of equipment for home and garden, from DIY to construction and decoration, and where both sustainability and digital transformation have been two of its key values.

In mid-2014 Leroy Merlin Spain* wanted to focus on affordable home automation for all households as well as expand its catalog of Eco-Options, products that help save water and energy, have a healthy home, take advantage of renewable energy and respect the environment.

In this sense, Leroy Merlin decided to design a range of home automation solutions controllable from the smartphone including the entire catalog of Wattio, focused on energy savings (ROI in a year), comfort (control house heating from the smartphone) and security at home, in all stores in the Iberian Peninsula (68 stores in Spain and 12 in Portugal).

In addition, the positioning of Leroy Merlin as a leader in its sector, was taken into account. and, while maintaining its strategy of giving a leading role to its customers, all stores were equipped with demo displays. This way, customers are allowed to get to know and try this innovative solution through a mobile device simulating a connected home.

Likewise, and taking advantage of the knowledge of its sales staff, specialized training was offered to all the stores to turn them into expert advisors also in this innovative connected home sector where Wattio is part of.

Since then, Wattio has helped Leroy Merlin to lead the IoT sector in the retail channel in Spain, being a reference on offering its customers a complete smart home solution, easy to install and to use, at affordable prices.

The stores now have the capability to organize workshops for clients in order to incorporate connected home solutions onto increasingly sophisticated projects.

Finally, supporting them in this pedagogical work, the Intranet will be used to inform and update them on the latest features, videos, and relevant articles published on the blog.

In summary, with the Wattio range, we reinforce the value proposition of Leroy Merlin into offering a complete range of products and solutions to its customers also in this booming sector of connected home.

As a pioneer retailer in the launch of this type of connected home solutions, the next challenge is to replicate the same model in other European countries.


*Leroy Merlin is the leading company in home improvement in Spain (decoration, DIY, gardening and construction) and offers its products and solutions to more than 44 million customers through 68 stores, thanks to the professional work of more than 10,000 collaborators, of which 93.3% are shareholders of the company. In 2016, Leroy Merlin Spain reached a turnover of 1,931 million euros.