This summer post your pics responsibly. 

As the summer reaches, holiday pics are back in social networks.

The thieves are ready to use this clues in the networks to get to know which houses are empty.

The Instacacos are good thieves that know about these practices and try to influence us about how to avoid giving the evil thieves too much information.

Take a look at the Instacacos Instagram profile or the campaign web page and get to know all the tips to post your holiday pics in a responsible way and avoid shocks this summer.

The six tips that the Instacacos suggest are easy and funny. This summer put them in practice with your friends and family and feel save. 

1. Be exclusive by making your account private. It will make you look more interesting and your followers will be anxious for you to accept them. Of course you will give no public info to the thieves. 

2. Through back #tb. Use this hastag and post your pics once you are back. Your followers will love your pics anyway and the thieves will be too late ;)

3. Not being cool is the coolest way to be cool. No, this is not a tongue-twister, it is a very good tip to avoid posting pics on holiday. Enjoy your holiday and make the most of it. If you do so, I can promise you that you will forget about posting. 

4. It is better to go alone than going with bad company. Make sure that your holiday mates are not selfie addicts, so that you are not tagged all over the Internet. In case of doubt, be smart and share this post with them!

"This summer post your holiday pics responsibly" is a campaign powered by Wattio.

Wattio creates this initiative in order to make the summer saver by a good usage of the social networks with a very funny campaign.

Make the most of your holiday and leave us the safety part. Wattio offers a very complete security solution to help you monitor your home and control it from your home. But not just it, you will feel closer to your residence and you will lose nothing of what goes on when you are away.