The World Savings Day

The World Savings Day

The World Savings Day was established on October 31. As Wattio is a great energy saving tool, it is a must for us, to share the benefits of the Wattio system with you, today.

The BAT and the POD for reducing the electricity consumption and the THERMIC for the heating, are they key devices in terms of energy consumption, so as to reduce the energy bill. 

You can combine them though, between each other and boost the decrease in energy consumption. You can even use the security devices with saving purpose and pay off your security system.

These are some clues that you can use to enhance the saving benefits of your Wattio system:

As you night know, the heating could be up 40% of your general energy consumption in Winter, so any effort in terms of heating could be great impact on the bill.

  •          THERMIC + POD for saving on electric heating

  •          THERMIC + DOOR for saving on heating 

Increase your electricity savings, combining the BAT with the POD.

  •          Make a rule to avoid power cuts and distribute your energy usage in order to reduce the contracted power. 

Set up calendars and automate your home, to use your appliances just when there are people using them. Using the DOOR and the MOTION you will be able to detect presence, so turn appliances on just when there are people around.

  •          A good example could be the combination of the POD with the MOTION, to turn the corridor lamp on, just where someone needs so, from 7pm on. 

And start saving today!