This Christmas Wattio pays for the champagne!

This Christmas Wattio pays for the champagne!

James bought the Comfort Pack two years ago 

and from then on, he made the most of it. 

The first thing he did was to ask all the family 

to download the Wattio app together with the 

IFTTT app, so he implemented the first recipe 

"turn off the heating as soon as the last family 

member leaves the house". 

As the heating was not left on anymore due to 

a "ups" and thanks to a tariff change adapting 

the tariff to their consumption patterns, this 

Christmas the seafood will rock the Christmas 

table at James'. 

In addition, James was a bit worried with the 

heater performance, as it was turning on and 

off more frequently since he got the Thermic. 

When the last winter we updated the Thermic 

and the app with new calendars and advanced 

algorithms for the comfort achievement James 

got really excited. Now the ECO calendar and 

the PROTECT mode are a must for him.  


Actually, his kids don't really care, but his wife 

is in love with the System, "since James got 

the DOORs, I don't even need to care about 

venting the house, as the heating turns off 

automatically. So we safe and we as well protect 

the house when we go on holiday, so two in one". 


What his kids do enjoy about it is their "new" 

warm and comfy home... Tania's room is has 

north orientation, so she really suffers for the 

cold British winter. James knows about it, so he 

got a MOTION in order to make the heating work 

according to the temperature at Tania's room. 

He is really happy as no more "CLOSE THE FREEZER!!!" 

shouts get out of her room.  


Teo, Tania's brother, will be 18 on Feb, so he 

asked to move to the attic to be a bit more 

independent. James, as he is very down to 

earth man, got him a POD as independency 

present. The idea was to use the POD to control 

the electric heater up there, so that Teo could 

be independent without freezing to death. 


As every year, they will spend New Years Eve 

at James' sister's house. Helen is the one in 

charge of betting the suits, but she is a bit too 

strict with it, under the motto "they are not 

very convenient..." and James gets mad when 

she asks him to turn the heating on exactly 

when she comes with the suits tray. But for 

this year, James has a plan: he got her a 

Comfort Pack to win her the battle, so "now 

she will have to look for a new excuse to send 

me far from the candy!"