Make the most of your Wattio Smart Thermostat

The Winter is still about to reach us, however, in Wattio, we are pretty sure that it will be here sooner than later, so in this post you will find the 10 best usage examples for your Thermic. 

Use the Thermic with the Usage Mode that better adapts to your heating system. New advanced modes, the PROTECT and the COMFORT, will make the target temperature to be reached differently. 

The PROTECT will help to minimize the ON/OFFs of the heater, so it will be a great choice for the heaters that require a minimum performance time. 

The COMFORT mode will focus on getting the room temperature really close to the target temperature so that you find your home warm and comfy. 

Don't worry about your Thermic and let it work for you. Thanks to the calendar service, the Wattio Smart Thermostat will adapt the room temperature to your daily life automatically. 

Very soon you will also fin PRE-SET calendars available on the mobile App. ECO and COMFORT calendars, to make you home automation even easier, just in one click. 

Combine the Thermic with more Wattio devices to enrich the system with new features. 

The Thermic can work receiving the temperature imput from the MOTION. This performance Mode is called Remote and illustrated with a little R in your device list of the mobile App. Put it in practice to experience the benefits in your home comfort. 

Combine the Thermic with the DOOR and automate to turn OFF the heating when venting the room. By the end of the month, you will notice that the energy bill reduces notably. 

Create these and more rules easily on the mobile app and enjoy the combination of all your Wattio devices.

The Thermic also provides an extra security status as it has:

  • Anti-freezing mode to avoid your pipes to get frozen
  • Notifications on your smart phone when the temperature goes below or over a settled temperature value.

The Thermic has a high degree of compatibility with different heating systems. Get into the Comfort tab of the web page and find your set up mode according to your heating system. 

The SLAVE mode will be your choice if you had no thermostat before or in case it was wireless. 

You can also combine the Thermic with one or more PODs to control your electric heaters. 

When you have your Thermic installed to control the heating in your winter holiday house, you will really feel the pleasure when getting there, as it will be already warm. Even if it is your first visit after 6 months, you will always find it at the right temperature and this is obviously priceless after a 3 hour drive ;)

Did you forget the heating switched ON? This won't be a problem anymore, as you can now control your heating from your smart phone from wherever you are. 

Thanks to the detailed consumption historic, you will have a clear idea of your consumption patterns, of the time that the heater has been ON and of the room temperature. 

This information will help you consume in a more sustainable way and save notably in the energy bill. 

Wattio is compatible with IFTTT, so you can combin your Thermic with your favorite apps and automate its performance. 

Turn the heating on when geting back home o turn it off when whe the last family member leaves. 

Turn your winter holiday house heating on if it starts snowing or it the temperature drops below 5 degrees. 

These and many more applications are available in the Thermic channel of Wattion at IFTTT. 

Make the most of the existing recipes or create your own ones and share them!

The Thermic offers all the tools to make your smart thermostat obey. 

The OFFSET feature is a good example. Are you used to the temperature showed by your old thermostat and the Thermib is 1 degree below? No worries, just set up the OFFSET value and it is done.