Una cámara que ofrece más que seguridad

Una cámara que ofrece más que seguridad

Sarah nearly spits the coffee she is drinking when her sister tells her she is thinking about installing a camera at home. “But, what for do you need a security camera at home?” she asks her still shocked. This case it is not an isolated one, we are not facing an exceptional reaction: this is the answer many people give when another notice them they are going to buy a security camera. Actually, why do people use it? 

The different uses Wattio  CAM, offers are as diverse as its users profiles. Do you want to check them? Don’t miss the following examples!

-           Sam is a new mother who doesn’t feel confident when her daughter and she are separated from each other. This is why several months ago, when little Anne was born, they installed Wattio CAM next to the cradle of the newborn, so now they can look after Anne even when they are in different places of the house.  

-           Andrew works from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. at the pharmacy of the neighborhood. During his workday, his dog Rex stays alone at home. Although he always leaves enough water and food for the dog, several times through the day Andrew wonders “Will it be OK?”. Now, thanks to Wattio CAM every time he feels that concern he just takes his smartphone and checks what Rex is doing in real time.

-          John have just been noticed burglars entered to the house that is close to his second home of Cornwall. Some months ago, also worried because of that, he installed the Wattio CAM in his Cornwall house, so now he checks his Smartphone in order to know if he has received any security alert. Negative. He connects with the camera to see what is happening in that same moment. Everything is correct, everything is fine.      

-          Emma was worried about her mother because two weeks ago she fell out of the bed when she was trying to wake up. One week after that fall, Emma installed Wattio CAM in her mother’s bedroom. Since then, everyday around 8 a.m. in the morning, Emma connects from her Smartphone to the camera of her mom, she says good morning and controls everything is going fine.     

Your newborn daughter, your pet, your second home or the health of your mother can be the reasons why you opt for Wattio CAM. A camera that goes beyond security.

And what about you? Why do you use Wattio CAM?