Update: Deactivate the SIREN from the GATE

Update: Deactivate the SIREN from the GATE

We are glad to announce the launch of a new update that includes the feature of activating and deactivating the SIREN alarm directly from the GATE, with a security code that you can set up on Wattio SmartHome. 

The summer is knocking at the door and we all know that the thieves are getting ready to look for empty houses. In Wattio we are aware of that and we understand you to feel worry about it. So we step ahead with a new system update that improves the security of your Wattio system.

From now on, you will be able to activate and deactivate the alarm on the GATE and switch the SIREN off from you hub, introducing a security code set up by yourself. 

Provide an extra security and comfort if you wait for occasional visitors when you are away. If someone comes on Thursdays to look after your kids or if your parents are coming to feed your cat when you are on a business trip, there is no need for them to download the Wattio up. Just let them know about the security code to switch the alarm off when they reach.

On the Security section of the GATE you will find the deactivation option, where you will have to introduce the security code to turn the SIREN off. To set up the code, just access your Wattio SmartHome app and follow the instructions given on the automatic pop up. 

Remain that this is an exclusive feature for those systems that include a SIREN. You don't have a SIREN yet? You have no excuse any more ;)

We also updated the GATE interface to make it more attractive and up to date, with the rest of the system aesthetics. 

The wizard and the GATE's set up menu have been redesigned as well, with the aim of making it more intuitive and simple to follow. 

This is a summary of all the improvements included on the update:

  • Interface redesign
  • Wizard and set up menu redesign. Now more simple and intuitive
  • Better inter-screen surfing experience
  • Redesign of the security section on the GATE
  • New feature for activating and deactivating the SIREN from the GATE
  • Set up of deactivation security code from the app
  • Improvement of the occurred alert management
  • Improvement of the screen answer
  • Less initial loading time
  • New Internet connection management: faster connection type and status detection 
  • Improvement of the management of converging actions over the same device and multiple POD alarms
  • The Wifi list is shown according to the connection power

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