Wattio Cam, the new Wifi IP camera.

Wattio Cam, the new Wifi IP camera.

Wattio announces the launch of the new Wifi IP Camera for video monitoring.

We are glad to let you know that the new Wifi IP Camera, Wattio Cam is now available and of course, it is combinable with the Wattio System.

The Wattio Cam is the perfect video monitoring device for your home or business, so that you can keep an eye from wherever you are. Combine it with Wattio’s DOOR and MOTION to maximize the security possibilities and go head with home automation. 

With the Wattio Cam you will be 100% connected to your home.

You can customize it completely to your needs: receive noise and movement notifications, record videos, take a look at what happened 5 second before the alert occurred or even take a look at what is going on at home in real time. A wide horizon of possibilities ahead. 

Wifi IP Camera

The Wattio Cam records HD video, provides night vision and allows two way audio through the mobile app.

Receive noise and movement notifications on your phone and take a look at the automatically captured pre-recording spots, to get to know what happened.

Look at the videos recorded during the day or access the streaming spot for a quick look, just to be sure that everything is ok. 

The camera connects to your Wifi network with no cable requirement, as well as to your smart phone, so that you can feel closer to your beloved ones, from wherever you are. 


Thanks to the pre-recording feature, the camera will record a 5 second video before the alert occurs.  

Did thieves enter? You will see how they managed to do so.

Did you receive a noise alarm and you have no clue of what happened? Now you will exactly know what went on.  

Someone is receiving an order on your behalf? Don’t lose a detail!

Much more than security

You will feel connected to what you really care about:

  •          Monitor your baby when sleeping.
  •          Take a look at your pets and miss them a little less.
  •          Take a look at you daughter when cooking her first carrot cake, even if you are travelling.
  •          Remind your son to take the red folder before facing school.

Combine it with the Wattio System


The DOOR and the MOTION are the best partners of the Wattio Cam. Record videos automatically when something moves close to the window or when the entrance door opens.

This video is a great example of combined use of the Camera with the DOOR (Please see the video in wide screen mode).


It is not just about security but about home automation as well. Take a look at the Wattio devices for energy efficiency, comfort and security and turn you home into a smart home.


With no monthly fees, you can get a complete Smart home system to control your home from your Smart home. Wattio focuses on the constant improvement of the devices and the mobile apps, so you will always enjoy the latest features with no extra investment. 

Privacy and security


The Wattio Cam includes the advantage of local storage for the recorded videos, so that they keep secure in the camera’s 8GB SD card.


Additionally, you can synchronize the camera with your personal Dropbox account, so that the videos upload automatically.


You will be the only manager of your videos, so you gain security and privacy restricting the access to your content. 

Attention to detail, elegance and discretion

The Wattio Cam’s design focuses on making it minimalist and elegant.

The reduced dimensions and its simple lines provide a discreet character to the camera, just perfect for a security device. 

5 minute installation

The Cam’s installation can be summarized in 3 simple steps:

  1.     Place it on the wallor over the table, orienting the camera to the area that you want to monitor. As you will realize on the app, it has a wide recording angel.
  2.     Plug it. In the box you will find a 3 meter cable!
  3.     Connect itto the internet through the mobile app.  

You can download the installation manual here

Access www.wattio.com and discover more details about Wattio’s video monitoring solution.