#WattioBlog. Smart home.

#WattioBlog. Smart home.

We are pretty glad to announce the launch of the WattioBlog. A new space for breaking news in terms of the Wattio system and a platform to let you know what are we doing and thinking at Wattio.   


Who are we?

We are Wattio, a company offering a complete Smart home solution for the control of your home directly from your smart phone using amazing gadgets. Click on www.wattio.com and learn more about the system.

Additionally, Wattio consists of services, technology, apps, gadgets and a great team of multidisciplinary people, with a vast and very divers knowledge that we would like to share with you.

And why a blog?

Because we love to talk about our passions. Technology, energy saving, security…We want to suggest tips and share interesting articles that impressed us.

The blog will be a loudhailer for breaking news announcement: exciting projects, technological innovations, new products and services, and much more!

What to expect from the blog?

In Wattio we talk a lot… because we have a lot to tell. The projects facing the API, the latest news about the mobile app or the greatest recipes in IFTTT.

From what most stands out in the world home kit technologies, to tiny details that you can implement at home to make your home become connected, we will focus on selecting the hottest contents.

Let you know that the Wattio team is involved on the research and development of exciting new products, features and services that you will love and we will announce here on first hand basis.


The blog will of course live together with our communication platforms Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn. Just remind you that the support channels will keep being the same: live chat on wattio.com and user forum on community.wattio.com.

Thanks & greetings!