Web access Wattio SmartHome

Web access Wattio SmartHome

We are launching a new web access for Wattio SmartHome connected services!

As an answer for the users' demands, we are excited to announce the release the web access for Wattio SmartHome services.

It is an alternative platform to the existing mobile apps, In the mobile apps is where you can find the 100% of the Wattio features. 


The web will be ready for making it easier to access Wattio, by the users that prefer this format for a PC or similar and it will coexist with the already known Wattio apps.

This web platform is specially designed as a learning-curve-free experience, so that you get used to it quickly. You will enjoy the convenience of exploring Wattio's latest news from your laptop, as well as accessing the complete range of the possibilities just in one click.

This new platform is based on a parallel cloud to the existing mobile apps, to make sure that the best performance is warrantied as well as the strength and security that are part of Wattio's identity.

Enjoy this new feature and share it in your social media channels!