What if I have no Internet?

What if I have no Internet?

Having an Internet connection is a must to use the Wattio Home Automation Sustem.

There are different ways, many of them really cheap, to get an Internet connection in order to use Wattio.

Get Wattio for your parents’ house and take care of them, use it in your holiday house, in the garage, in the office or in your business to control what is going on. Even if you have no Internet connection in those places at the moment, you can use Wattio, following these simple suggestions. 

The data consumption of the Wattio system is really low. It has been specially designed and developed to have a low consumption of both, Internet data and electricity.

The Wattio CAM is the only device that is a bit more demanding, as it has to manage images and videos. However, the consumption is very depending on usage, so we recommend making a trial and see, depending on your habits, how much are you consuming.

These are some ways to get an Internet connection:

  •          You can ask for a copy of your SIM card. You can use the data that you already have to use Wattio, so you share the monthly Internet data on your phone.  
  •          Another option is to get a new SIM card, just with data. 250 or 500MG will be more than enough. Again, give it a try and check the best option for your usage habits. There are really good deals starting from around 5€ a month.
  •          The third option is to get a completely free SIM card. They usually offer low data quantities for free, so it is a really good chance to get you SIM card for Wattio just for 0€ a month.

Whatever SIN card you have chosen, now your need to get a Mifi or a portable router to make the Wifi signal work. This device will create the Wifi signal, using the data of your SIM card, so that you can connect your GATE.

There are different Mifi models, from different Brand and with different prices. Those two are good enough for Wattio and we have successfully tested them:

The Mifi set up manual will show you the name of the generated Wifi network and its password.

Sometimes, according to the operator, the SIM card needs a Little set up to work with the Mifi. If you have done everything in the manual but it still does not work, try to set up the APN manually.

How do I do that? It is very easy. First of all, you need to find the values of the APN set up in the website of your SIM card’s operator. You can also google it; it is something much more common that what you expect.

Then, you need to connect to the Wifi generated by the Mifi, access your web browser and type the IP address of your Mifi (you will find it on the set up manual). Then you will see a web page, where you have to choose the manual APN and then introduce the values that your operator suggests.

In order to clarify any concern, you Mifi’s or operator’s Customer Attention Services will be you best options. They are more than used to clarify these kind of issues. Otherwise, you can always ask us. As you know, we can chat live at www.wattio.com or you can send us an email. Please send us pics, we love them ;)

As you saw it is a matter of 30€. Sooooooo, there is no excuse to install Wattio and turn your house into a Smart home.