What to give this Father’s Day · Last minute gifts

What to give this Father’s Day · Last minute gifts

Alex still has that catchy song from last night in mind when he takes the phone and becomes aware that is March 19: Father’s Day! It is Sunday and all shops are closed, so he can’t even buy the typical tie of other years. And about other ideas… he cooked him a delicious dish last year, gifted a spa ticket two years ago, he also created a frame with their different photos (yes, at this time likewise he forgot it)! He has consumed all the presents for Father’s Day years ago, so how can he surprise him this 2017?

Lied on the bed, he is thinking about the issue when suddenly his light bulb turns on (literally). The light of the lamp from the nightstand has just turn on, his alarm to wake up every weekend around 9 o’clock in the morning. At this time he starts thinking about the plug to which is connected the lamp and the system that makes it work. What if instead of using it as a way to wake up utilizes the multiple benefits it offers to felicitate his father in an original way, and so on give him a personalized gift?

Without thinking it twice, Alex uses the time his father expends buying the newspaper to organize all his strategy. He doesn’t even have to move from bed to automate the entire house; it is possible to make it from Wattio app and this way surprise his father. He starts from configuring the door’s sensor: when the main door opens, the intelligent plug from the living room starts working and thus, his father’s favorite song is going to be heard all over the house: Sabina’s “Contigo”.     

Quickly, he creates an applet at IFTTT so when his father comes back from buying the newspaper and is near home a notification is going to be sent to his mobile phone telling him he has a surprise waiting at home. Without a doubt, Charles would impatiently arrive home looking for this surprise.

In addition, he configures the other intelligent plug located at the kitchen so the coffee maker starts working when father enters home making possible a delightful coffee smell welcomes his father. Like that, Alex would be able to say he has prepared the breakfast for his father without moving from bed!

While Alex is configuring all that, he hears the sound of the keys opening the door. It is time to enter in the wifi camera’s app and watch how his dad reacts to the surprise he has prepared. As it was planned, first “Contigo”’s chords begin to sound and Charles smiles. In that moment Alex presses “Press to talk” and he felicitates his father.

The shocked father doesn’t either know from where is coming that voice he is listening to. “Where are you?, where are you?” asks again and again. Alex can’t stop laughing from bed and the intense smell of the recently made coffee arrives to his bedroom. Everything is working as expected!

From his smartphone Alex controls his father has left the lobby, at this time his bedroom’s door opens, his father jumps into Alex’s bed and tells him: “this time you got to surprise me, and in what way!”.

How will you surprise your dad?