Why do we need the GATE?

Why do we need the GATE?

The GATE is the brain of the Wattio system; it is the gate for all the Wattio connected services. It is a great combination between benefits for the everyday usage and the guarantee of an efficient and secure performance of your smart home.

Do you want to discover what can a hub with a touch screen like the GATE offer?

-          Designed with a touch screen · The GATE has a local interface from which you can execute useful features at home.    

The colorful touch screen of the GATE is first quality that draws your attention. It is an interface that brings together the most usable actions at home such as the weather prediction, the switch on and off of the heating or the security alert list summary.   

Forget about carrying your smartphone in you pyjamas pocket every time you want to adjust the heating or switch on or off the TV. Whenever you want to make an action or have a look to what happened at home, but you have no idea of where your mobile phone is, you just have to go where there GATE is.

The color touch screen makes the GATE turn into a “two for one” product, as it works as hub and as controller. 

-          Say bye to latency: immediacy to execute the actions commanded from your smartphone.

The rules each user creates on the app to automatize actions or switch on or off appliances do not go through the cloud, they are directly transmitted through the GATE. Why? So that the answering time to respond to the given command decreases, avoiding the delay that flowing through the cloud may cause. This offers the user an immediacy and the feeling of a great performance.

Thanks to the integrated intelligence of the GATE, the information spreads between the devices and the cloud. This is called Fog Computing, a technological strategy implemented in Wattio’s system that provides this and other interesting benefits in terms of home automation. Click here to know more about it!

-          Continues working locally when the Internet fails· Key factor when choosing a connected home system that best suits your needs.

What does it happen to the system when suddenly the Internet fails? Many users might think the systems stops working when there is no internet, but thanks to the GATE and the Fog Computing technology (concept established by CISCO) your Wattio system will keep working locally and there will be no data collection failure. This characteristic provides independence, confidence and guarantees the functioning of the different devices when there are connection interruptions or problems.

This is considered one of the more distinguished characteristics of Wattio. When the Internet turns off, you are not receiving notification on your smartphone, though your automations rules will keep working the same way, locally. When the internet connection is back, the information will be synchronized in your smartphone and it will be accessible again.  

-          Gate security · VPN connection, for a safer, more private and trustworthy system.  

VPN is the acronym of Virtual Private Network. The connection of the GATE to the cloud is done by VPN. Due to the character of private network intrinsic in VPN, it guarantees the security of all the transmitted information.

How? VPN networks use a sort of “tunnels” to connect to the Internet; so, the information is encrypted. Moreover, in terms of security as well, the access is limited just to one single point, so it all makes the system less vulnerable. 

Doubtless, it is a relevant added value in those fields where the security is essential, as a smart home. It is important to always keep in mind factors as the VPN connection of the GATE when selecting a smart home system. It is interesting considering the GATE as the gold grain around which the system is designed. Several times, when comparing the different smart home options available in the market, the GATE is not highly considered, and it definitely should.    

-          Flexibility for the future. USB ports and adaptative technology.

As the GATE has multiples UBS ports and an adaptive technology, the GATE is flexible looking to the future. In a quick and efficient way, the GATE, so the system, can be adapted to new IoT communications protocols.

This is an example of flexibility and adaptability, as Wattio will be ready to adopt the best communication protocol to make Wattio be as compatible as possible. The compatibility is definitely the key of the IoT, so it must be seriously taken into account.

-          Mini Linux PC. Secure, strong and stable.

The GATE is a Smart mini Linux PC, low resource consumer and quick answering. Apart from its efficiency, the strength and stability of the systems stand out, as they are must have requirements for a smart home hub.

Being Linux an open source system, offers to Wattio the opportunity to have more resources and know how to offer the very best product to the client.

-          Remote updates. Always the very best Wattio version.

In Wattio we consider the users’ needs really important and we implement their voice directly on the product. Both the new features and the system updates reach the clients quickly and automatically, so that they can enjoy the benefits.

This remote control technology, allows us to supervise the correct performance of the smart hub and the remote maintenance. 

The GATE apart from being essential to guarantee the secure performance of the system, it is a source of benefits in terms of the daily usability: consult the weather prediction or charge the mobile phone using one of its USB ports, so, the GATE fulfills its main objectives in a user-friendly way.