At Wattio, we're convinced that our bet on value comes with real, competitive advantages which are applicable to your business.

  • iconRebranding

    Wattio understands the importance of your brand and thus, bolsters it with your product. Your brand, your corporate colors and your communication strategies are personalized in the Wattio System.

  • iconCost effective

    Our strategy of development and own manufacturing allows us to maintain competitive pricing. Outsourcing means cost overruns.

    You need not look beyond Wattio to obtain service.

    Wattio products are not multi-purpose; they are designed to realize specific functions efficiently and in an optimal manner.

  • iconControl

    We have developed all the main parts in-house, which means we have all the know-how regarding the various technologies employed.

  • iconFlexibility

    Knowledge of the various technologies employed and ownership of the attending development allows us to be flexible when it comes to developing new applications and products, in accordance with your strategy.

  • iconShort development periods

    We have created a platform that enables us to develop astonishing products in record time.

  • iconTailored development

    Tell us how you imagine your product and its applications and we will make it come to life.

  • iconPerceived product quality

    We understand that our product must align itself with your brand which is why we leave nothing to chance and commercialize only quality.