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Don’t lose sight of who matters to you most.

Thanks to night vision, you’ll be able to keep track of what goes on in your baby’s room while you and your partner enjoy dinner in the living room.



Check on how your pet is behaving.

With Wattio Cam, besides knowing what’s going on back home, you’ll be able to stay in touch. Thanks to an integrated microphone and speaker, you’ll be able to listen to what is happening at home and talk from your Smartphone’s microphone.



The best was to identify burglars.

If the camera detects movement or any strange sound at home, it will activate automatically. Moreover, thanks to pre-recording, you’ll be able to see what happened during the preceding five seconds.

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    Only you can access your videos.

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    Discover how someone entered.

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    Connect it with other Wattio devices.

Designed for your home

Small, discreet, elegant, minimalist... our high-quality video camera will fit perfectly in any part of your home.

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Also available in:

A modular and flexible system

Configure your Wattio system according to your needs.


Touch-screen home automation center that reflects the activity of devices.

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Electricity monitor (located in the electrical panel) that allows you to monitor electrical consumption of different circuits.

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Open door-window detector to control that everything is okay while you’re out.

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Smart plug that allows you to control electrical consumption as well as the on/off state of a device from your Smartphone.

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Smart thermostat that allows you to control home temperature from your Smartphone.

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It is a movement/temperature sensor that allows you control any room in your home.

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Acoustic siren designed to ward off intruders.

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Security camera that will allow you to see what is going on in your home from your Smartphone.

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