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Control your air conditioning from your mobile
to save and live more comfortable.

The most reliable and valued home automation.

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    Control your heating
    from your smartphone

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    Up to 32 % * in heating consumption.

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    Automatic scenarios, consumption history
    and calendars for intelligent air conditioning.



The Thermic is an intelligent thermostat that you can control from your Smartphone.

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    Up to 32% * in heating consumption..

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    Control your heating from your smartphone.

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    You can install it yourself easily.

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    Combine it with other devices and automate your home.

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    Organize it on calendars.

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    Advanced modes Protect, Eco and Comfort, to control your heating.



Premium control of your air conditioner from your mobile

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-Control from the mobile and from the GATE


- Compatible with all AC-s with remote control.*


-Energy savings up to 40%.


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    Do not leave the air on, use it only when you are, save energy.

    You will get the most out of your air, you will get a more efficient and optimal operation.


  • Premium

    With the Air you will enjoy more features that other brands cannot give you.

    Safe, robust, compatible with all air conditioners with remote control and with excellent technical support in your language.


  • Smart

    Programmable calendars that will allow your AC to adapt to your routine Rules between Wattio devices and with other brands through IFTTT.

    Auto-discovery of your AC regardless of the brand and model


Why do customers choose Wattio?

Wattio is compatible with + 360 brands and IFTTT devices y dispositivos ifttt.png

Secure connection to the cloud thanks to VPN connection.

The Wattio system will continue to function even if the Internet falls, thanks to our Fog Computing platform

At Wattio we have a wide range of devices that you can add to your smart home system

Wattio quality guarantee


Excellent technical support in your language.
Designed and manufactured in Spain.

The Thermic can receive the temperature information from the Motion.

Combine the Thermic or the AIR with the POD, to control your electric radiators and fans to better distribute fresh air.

Synchronize them with the Door, you can make your heating and AC turn off automatically while you are ventilating the house.

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*depending on the use

* We make your compatible AC in 15 days or we will refund your money. If it turns out that you have found an AC with which your Air is not compatible you can get a refund equal to what you have paid for the equipment. You will only have to send it to our offices in its original packaging and with all the accessories after contacting our technical support at soporte@wattio.com to validate that everything is correct.