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Much more than a smart thermostat


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    Control home heating from your Smartphone. When you arrive home, the temperature will be perfect.

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    It will help you consume less heating and you’ll notice the difference in your pocket.

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    Automate heating thanks to calendar schedules that you can program easily.

  • Constant updates

    Enjoy the latest innovations all the time. Always the latest models with the latest features at no additional cost.

  • An obedient system

    Because nobody knows your house better than you, we provide you with the tools to adapt Thermic to suit your needs.

  •  -compatible

    Automate Thermic with your favorite apps. Thanks to Wattio’s compatibility with the IFTTT platform.

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Also available in:

A modular and flexible system

Configure your Wattio system according to your needs.


Touch-screen home automation center that reflects the activity of devices.

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Electricity monitor (located in the electrical panel) that allows you to monitor electrical consumption of different circuits.

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Open door-window detector to control that everything is okay while you’re out.

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Smart plug that allows you to control electrical consumption as well as the on/off state of a device from your Smartphone.

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Smart thermostat that allows you to control home temperature from your Smartphone.

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It is a movement/temperature sensor that allows you control any room in your home.

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Acoustic siren designed to ward off intruders.

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Security camera that will allow you to see what is going on in your home from your Smartphone.

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