Through the merging of gadgets and software in "the cloud", we have created a number of services that enable large utility companies to offer, under their own brand, domotics solutions for the energy-control, security, comfort and health sectors.

Wattio handles the development and integration of all the parts of your system – hardware, firmware and software.

Communication Technologies:
Wattio relies on the most robust technologies to perform its communications. Zigbee, Ethernet, WIFI, VPN, HTTPS.

Hardware and Firmware Development:
Wattio’s R + D team is composed of Telecommunications Engineers and Electronics Engineers who use the finest development programs, such as Altium and IAR, in the market.

Product Quality:
Wattio employs electronic components from leading manufacturers: Texas Instruments, NXP, Microchip, Samsung, and others. At the same time, it places a premium on product design in order to launch attractive, unique and high-quality gadgets to the marketplace.

Software Development:
Each solution requires different software. The Engineering team at Wattio is multi-disciplinary. It is based on three pillars:

  • Linux embedded: work here is done at a low level, using Linux’s tools for embedded devices and its own development efforts based on C, C++ y QT.

  • Cloud: our cloud is based on Amazon’s renowned AWS platform. We have developed a modern and agile system by creating an API REST, using Linux servers and the support of Nginx y Nodejs. For data storage, we use the support of three types of data bases, depending on need: Mysql, Mongodb y Redis.

  • Mobile applications: to obtain a current and multi-platform solution, we have opted for using HTML5, drawing on the support of the Iconic framework.


The Wattio System represents a platform in a process of continual growth, integrating SaaS in the safest, most flexible and scalable manner possible.

Fig. Wattio System


Physical security
Wattio works with Type A-certified Data Centers, which offer cutting edge professional services and the following security measures: access controls, surveillance camera circuits, control center-connected alarm systems, own power generators, sprinkler systems, and backup services located in a separate building.

Net Security
This is obtained, among other ways, through the use of hardware and software- generated firewalls. All access to Wattio’s administrative servers is done via VPN.

Web Application Security
All communications in the Wattio System components are encrypted employing state-of-the-art technologies. Wattio’s architecture communicates with the "gates" utilizing digital certificates and SSL/TLS technology to ensure confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of data. Furthermore, users can communicate with the platform employing customer-side technology, which allows greater latitude for the encryption of its data while exercising HHTPS protocol for all communications with the Wattio App.

Communications between devices
ZigBee provides encrypted communications (128 bit AES). Moreover, new devices cannot be added to a local network.


  • This is a technological model based on open communications standards; totally flexible.

  • Usable from multiple devices and operating systems such cell phones, etc. connected to Internet.


  • Based on the SAAS model (Software as a Service) for packs which can function jointly or separately.

  • Available in "offline" mode in case there is a drop in network service.

  • Availability of individualized development. Customizable.


  • Expandable to other sectors and scalable.

  • Development of hardware, software and firmware in-house.

  • Updatable by remote control.