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It is the new smart home automation service that helps you take care of your loved ones.

WATTIO CONECTA detects the routine of our loved ones and warns if something unusual happens so that you can act.
In addition, it becomes an alarm to protect the house.

Create a safety net that allows your loved ones to continue enjoying their homes with total autonomy

"Wattio CONECTA” is an innovative system that helps you care for your loved ones without having to change their way of life: without cameras and no devices to carry with them.

Enjoy more peace of mind wherever you are

You'll receive an alert on your mobile phone if something unusual happens in the home of those you care about.  A change in routine such as the door opened at 3 a.m., getting up later, or if the person has not left the house, so you can check everything is OK.

- Always up to date with what happens at a glance

With the Activity Log you'll be aware of what's going on, wherever you are, so it provides invaluable reassurance in the care of our loved ones.

- Enjoy its many benefits

Your loved one will be able to enjoy his/her home for longer and you will be able to optimize the hours of the professional caregiver who attends.

How does "Wattio CONECTA" service work?


1. A qualified professional will install the highest valued home automation equipment on the market in your loved one's home. The installation is very simple and is done in less than an hour, no need for works.

2. Once installed, and after about 2 weeks, the system will have learned your loved one’s routine and will recommend alerts for you. You can then enjoy the app that will allow you to be connected to the ones you love the most.

3. The application is very easy to use, and you will be able to know everything that happens in the home of your loved one as if you were there.

4. You can invite as many people as you need to use the app and share the support. Anyone with permission can securely check the activity feed and receive the alerts.

What devices will be installed?

"Wattio CONECTA" consists of 4 devices, a hub that securely connects the other sensors to the Internet, two-door sensors: one will be installed at the front door and another on the refrigerator door; and a motion and temperature sensor. Wattio has found this to be the ideal combination to get started with. "Wattio CONECTA" can learn a routine from these discreet sensors without feeling intrusive.

Where is the service available?

"Wattio CONECTA" is available in Spain except in the Canary Islands.

Is it compatible with a public telecare service?

Yes. "Wattio CONECTA" is not only supported but also a great complement to a public telecare service because, unlike these, it acts without the person being cared for has to take any action to be notified.

Is the "Wattio CONECTA" service secure?

Yes. At Wattio we take the custody of our users' data very seriously, so we have robust measures for its management and storage. We do not market with the data.


Is the internet needed in the house where the devices will be installed?

No. That the house where "Wattio CONECTA" will be installed does not have internet is no problem, because the system can be contracted with the option to bring its own 4G connectivity to the Internet.

"I think passive telecare systems like Wattio CONECTA are a good tool to help care for our loved ones".
Pilar Lecuona
President of the Official Nursing College of Gipuzkoa..
"I have tried for months "Wattio CONECTA" satisfactorily and I think it is a very good help to care for people in their homes.".
Koldo Aulestia
President of AFAGI (Association of Family and Friends of People with Alzheimer's of Gipuzkoa).

WATTIO CONECTA service from € 23.90/month*

Hire service

Are you interested and have any questions about Wattio CONECTA?
Call us and we will be happy to assist you at +34 693 70 38 80.

*VAT included. You can cancel at any time, but we charge a small fee if you cancel the service within the first 6 months. For more information see terms and conditions of service. Because of the coronavirus crisis and how we want to do our bit, the first 30 days of service are free.