Patxi Etxebeste CEO Wattio
"At Wattio, we work to improve the quality of people’s lives through technology. Such an ambitious goal requires that we count with only the best."

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Why work at Wattio?

"Your experience grows with each new development."
Xabier Aizpurua Zigbee Engineer

"Working with the most qualified professionals while using the latest work tools on the market is very enriching."
Lide Brito Design Manager

"The environment is ideal. San Sebastian offers surf, gastronomy, festivals... there’s always something fun to do after work."
Alberto Martín CTO

What are we looking for?

  • Computer Engineering Specialist for end-of-year project or internship.
  • Telecom or Electronic Engineer for end-of-year project or internship.
  • Engineer, embedded Linux software. Desirable knowledge: - Linux, advanced level - Bootloaders - Kernels - Cross compiling - Drivers - Filesystems...
  • Software Developer. Develop web with HTML, CSS and Javascript. Develop apps, web client side; 100% programming on client side with Javascript. Angular and Ionic as development frameworks. Hybrid Apps with Cordova. Nodejs. Preprocessors: Jade (HTML), Stylus (CSS), Coffeescript (Javascript). Workflow tools such as Gulp.

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