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Energy monitor.

The Bat is an electricity monitor located in the electrical panel. It will allow you to control up-to three electrical circuits.

54,99 €

  • Know your consumption habits and begin to save easily.
  • Its reduced dimensions make it an easy fit for even the smallest electrical panels.
  • Compare your consumption with other homes to determine if it is average.
  • Receive an alarm on your Smartphone should the light go out in your home or for some other anomaly.
  • You can place more than one Bat in your electrical panel, allowing you to control as many circuits as necessary.
  • Its installation is very easy. You’ll be able to do it yourself following the manual instructions.
  • The Wattio GATE is a must for the BAT's performance

Easy installation guide
3 Ampmeter clamps
Required batteries are included in the BAT

  • Autonomy Range: > 1.5 years (2 AA Alkaline)