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Energy monitor.

The Bat is an electricity monitor located in the electrical panel. It will allow you to control up-to three electrical circuits.

54,99 €

Energy Saving 

Save up to 15% on your lighting bill. The first step for saving consists in getting to know your consumption patterns.

Thanks to the BAT you will be able to analyze in which circuits you are consuming more and at what time of the day. So the more your know, the better you will save.

The BAT is the perfect device to discover in which circuits your have to focus your saving efforts, to get better results.



You will be able to compare different electric tariffs and offers, to see if they match your consumption patterns. This way, it will be easier to choose which electric rate is more convenient.

You will also be able to distribute better your electric consumption, to try to lower your contracted power.

You can also detect anomalous consumptions, to check if something is broken or if it is time to change the lighting to more efficient bulbs.



Control your home from anywhere

Receive alerts on your smartphone, facing anomalous consumptions and power outages.

You won’t find your fridge KO after your holiday, anymore.

You will be able to detect if there are intruders, by checking if there is high consumption, when there should be no one at home.



You can combine it with the POD to avoid power outages. As soon as the BAT detects that you are about to reach your power limit, the POD will turn off the electric appliance that you are using, to stop the power cut.

The more BATs you have, the better you will make decisions in terms of energy usage at home.

Compact and easy to use

The installations is very easy. Just one the electric panel and use the amperimetric clips to choose which circuits you want to monitor.

The BAT has been specially designed to fit within the tiniest corner of the electric panel.

The Wattio GATE is necessary for the BAT. 

Easy installation guide
3 Ampmeter clamps
Required batteries are included in the BAT

  • Autonomy Range: > 1.5 years (2 AA Alkaline)