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Smart window-door sensor.

The Door is a magnetic-contact device for doors and windows that will allow you to control whether they are open or closed from your Smartphone.

39,99 €


Receive notifications on your phone when a door or a window opens, to control what is going on at home.

You will know if some one entered your house, when did the kids come back home, or if the pack door is opened by mistake. Security and control, thanks to the DOOR’s immediate notifications.

door foto 4-01.png

Unlimited amount of alerts

                - Receive them as push notifications on your phone

                - Receive them as emails

                - Check them on the Wattio SmartHome app

                - Check them on your GATE


Use it for your daily life

Apart from security features, the DOOR is very useful for the everyday life. So you will have a security system that you will be using every day, for home automation purposes.


You can use it to know if someone opened your secret drawer, to protect your safe, to be instantly notified if your baby opens the cleaning stuff closet and many more examples.

You can combine it with more Wattio devices, to use the DOOR to improve your comfort and reduce the energy consumptions:

- With the POD, to turn the entrance lamp on when you get back home

- With the THERMIC, to turn the heating off when venting the house

- With the SIREN to chase intruders away

- With the CAM, to when to know who entered your house

It is also compatible with IFTTT, so with most of the smart home systems in the market.

It also offers a wider range on activating and deactivating the notifications. By geolocalization for example, to turn the notifications on automatically, when your leave your house.

Designed to disappear

Its reduced dimensions and discrete design are perfect for a security device.

No one will notice its presence. Not even you, as its batteries last for 3 years.

It needs no installations. It is just stick and play and you can use as many as you want.

The Wattio GATE is a must for the DOOR's performance

Easy installation guide
Required batteries included

Power Supply

  • Power supply voltage: Button batteries 2x 3V CR2450
  • Usage life: Max. 3 years (depending on usage)