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Smart home automation center.

Colored touch-screen home automation center that reflects different devices. It acts as a gateway to system’s Internet. The Gate is the core of the Wattio system, thereby making it the first piece which you should own in order to get maximum results from all our devices.

124,99 €

Two products in one: energy monitor + colored touch-screen.

Once you own a Gate, you will be able to incorporate any device that we launch on the market. Don’t forget: At Wattio, we never cease to come up with new solutions that make your life more comfortable.

  • It reflects all the activity in the devices you own.
  • You can connect by remote through the web application and by your cell/mobile app available through iPhone y Android.
  • You can control your devices when you are at home from your touch-screen; even without Internet, you can do so locally.
  • It offers your city’s weather forecast.
  • You can place it where you like. On a table, a shelf, or screwed into the wall. Its carefully-crafted design will make it blend in with any part of your house.

Ethernet cable
USB Wifi
Base so it can be used in console mode
Current Adaptor
Easy installation guide

Power Supply

  • Adaptor: AC/DC
  • 5V/10A
  • INPUT: AC100-240V AC 50/60Hz 0,5A Max.
  • OUTPUT: DC+5V 2A Max.