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Smart home automation center.
A must have for any Wattio device, except for the CAM. 

Colored touch-screen home automation center that reflects different devices. It acts as a gateway to system’s Internet. The Gate is the core of the Wattio system, thereby making it the first piece which you should own in order to get maximum results from all our devices.

124,99 €

GATE: The reliable and complete intelligence

Enjoy your smart home, connected securely. The GATE is the only Linux mini PC smart hub, connected to the Internet, using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

The smart hub that is transforming it all, as it is the brain of the system and the device in charge of the key features, even when the Internet fails, as it has a Fog Computing structure.

Once you have the GATE, you can increase your Wattio system with devices in terms of heating, energy saving and security. 

Your home interface

The GATE is a very convenient controller of your home.

From its touch screen, you can turn appliances on and off, check instantaneous electric consumptions, activate and deactivate the security alarm, control the heating or look at the weather forecast. 

Convenient security

The GATE is an extra thermostat, an extra energy monitor and also a security console.

You can activate and deactivate the SIREN alarm from its touch screen, introducing a 4 digit security code of your choice. So you don’t need to get your phone out to turn on the alarm when you are leaving.

It is useful for casual visitors as well. Your parents are coming to feed your cat on your holiday? They don’t need to download the app. Just let them know the security code. 


You will use it every day

The GATE is a device that you use every day. That is the reason why it has been carefully designed to adapt to you. You can place it on the table, on a shell or on the wall. It needs no installation. Just plug and play.

Its USB port are great for charging your phone or your electric appliances. 

Ethernet cable
USB Wifi
Base so it can be used in console mode
Current Adaptor
Easy installation guide

Power Supply

  • Adaptor: AC/DC
  • 5V/10A
  • INPUT: AC100-240V AC 50/60Hz 0,5A Max.
  • OUTPUT: DC+5V 2A Max.