Smart movement and temperature sensor.

The Motion is a movement and temperature sensor that allows you to control any room in your home.

59,99 €

Security and control

Receive alerts on your smartphone when it detects movement and get to know if there is someone at home when there shouldn’t.

Your can check unlimited alerts on your smartphone and on the GATE and receive push notifications or emails when presence is detected. So you will know what is going on at home, wherever you are.

Additionally, it will show the home temperature, so that you can detect emergencies and you can also combine it with the THERMIC, to improve the heating control.

Automate your home

You can combine the MOTION with more Wattio devices, to increase features in terms of comfort, home automation and energy usage reduction.

It works as smart thermometer in combination with the THERMIC, to regulate the heating, according to the temperature captured by the MOTION.

It is a great feature, if you have the kids’ room oriented to the north and it is colder than the rest of the house. You can place the MOTION there and make the heating turn on and off, according to that room’s temperature.

Automate your home combining the MOTION with the POD:

                - Turn the TV on when entering the living room, from 21pm on

                - Turn the lamp of the kids’ room on with they wake up at nights

Combine it with the SIREN and the CAM to increase security:

                - receive videos if the MOTION detects movements at night

                - Chase intruders away with an acoustic alarm, with no risk

It is also compatible with IFTTT, so with most of the smart home systems in the market.

It also offers a wider range on activating and deactivating the notifications. By geolocalization for example, to turn the notifications on automatically, when your leave your house.


Designed to detect any movement

It has an infra-red sensor, highly sensitive, to detect movement 8 to 10 meters far away, even in darkness.

Customizable detection angle, to adjust the detection to your home’s conditions.

The Wattio GATE is a must for the MOTION's performance

Easy installation guide
Required batteries included
Fixation components: two-sided adhesive tape and screws

Power supply

  • Power supply voltage: Batteries 2xER14505 3.6V
  • Usage life: Max 2.5 years (depending on usage)
  • Sensing angle- horizontal: 110°; vertical: 60°
  • Distance 8m