Enjoy the finest comfort in your home. Gate + Thermic.

All you need to control your heating from a Smartphone. This way your home will always be at the right temperature, plus, your energy consumption will be much more efficient.

This pack includes:

  • Gate: Home automation center.
  • Thermic: Smart thermostat.

194,90 €

Control the heating from your smartphone, save energy and live more comfortably with the Comfort Pack.

Save up to 32%* and find your home always at the right temperature with the THERMIC, the wireless smart thermostat that works with batteries. 


Comfort, energy saving and home automation are the main benefits of the system:

Controlarás la calefacción desde el móvil y encontrarás tu higar siempre a la temperatura perfecta

  • Control the heating from wherever you are and find your home always warm
  • The heating is the 40% of the complete energy consumption in winter. Save up to 32%* by programming the heating and using the saving modes of the THERMIC.
  • Set up automatic calendars, so that the heating works by otself, according to your routine

Heat your house when leaving the office, from your smartphone and let your home welcome you with a cozy and warm ambient.

Control the temperature in your home and make a better usage of the heating.

Automate the heating according to your day agenda or use the Eco or Comfort calendars, to set it up in one click. 

Special modes

The special modes will adapt the switch of the heating, depending on what you prefer, comfort or energy saving

  • The Comfort Mode is designed to keep the temperature close to the desired temperature
  • The Protect Mode is useful to make your heater's life longer, as it minimizes the switch of the heater
  • The Confort calendar is ideal to keep your home warm
  • The Eco calendar is designed to increase your savings on heating, with recommended temperatures, during the day

Easy to use

The THERMIC is very ueasy to user. It has been designed to be simple, so that all the family member feel confident to use it.

You can manage the heating from the THERMIC, from the GATE and from your smartphone.

The Pack includes also the GATE, the smart hub that works as interface for the control of the house and also the heating. So it is an additional way to change the temperature at home and it also shows the weather forecast. 

With the GATE, you can increase the system and get more Wattio devices, to reduce the electric consumption and the security. 

Compatible with IFTTT

The Wattio system is compatible with IFTTT, so the system is compatible with most of the smart home products in the market.

It also offers more ways to automate the heating, by geolocalization or according to the weather forecast, for example.

Compatible with more Wattio devices

You can grow your system with more Wattio devices, for electricity saving and security:

  • With the DOOR, to turn off the heating when venting
  • With the POD, to control electric heaters
  • With the MOTION, to make the heating work according to the temperture that the MOTION detects

Easy intallation

You just need to replace the old thermostat with the THERMIC, but the batteries and close it. Register the device on the app and it will be ready to work.

The THERMIC is compatible with most of the heating systems.

*According to usage


  • It reflects all the activity in the devices you own.
  • You can connect by remote through the web application and by your cell/mobile app available through iPhone y Android.
  • You can control your devices when you are at home from your touch-screen; even without Internet, you can do so locally.
  • It offers your city’s weather forecast.
  • You can place it where you like. On a table, a shelf, or screwed into the wall. Its carefully-crafted design will make it blend in with any part of your house.


  • Control home heating from your Smartphone and find your home always at the right temperature.
  • More efficient energy consumption means greater savings for you.
  • Automate heating by using calendar schedules that you can program easily from the Wattio application.
  • Its installation is easy. You can do it yourself by just following the manual.
  • Besides the savings, you will gain in comfort and convenience.

Easy installation guide


  • Adaptor: AC/DC
  • 5V/10A
  • INPUT: AC100-240V AC 50/60Hz 0,5A Max.
  • OUTPUT: DC+5V 2A Max.


  • Power supply voltage: 3 V DC (2 x Alkaline batteries 1,5 V AA)
  • Usage life: > 1.5 years (Alkaline batteries AA)
  • Control output 1 (contact N.O.): 250 V ~ max. 8(3.5) A - 30 V max. 8(3.5) A
  • Control output 2 (contact N.C.): 250 V ~ max. 8(3.5) A - 30 V max. 8(3.5) A
  • Set point adjustment range: 15…30 ºC
  • Usage life: 100.000 cycles
  • Connection terminals for: 0.2 - 1,5 mm2 flexible cables.
  • Weight: 0,18 Kg.
  • Color casing, frontal: White