All you need to start saving on your heat and electricity. Gate + Thermic + Bat + Pod.

All you need to start saving on your heat and electricity, plus, gain in comfort.

This pack includes:

  • Gate: Home automation center.
  • Thermic: Smart thermostat.
  • Pod: Smart plug.
  • Bat: Energy monitor.

299,90 €

The Energy Pack is the best saving solution. It includes the GATE, the THERMIC, the POD and the BAT.
It will help you save up to 20% on the electric bill. The better you know your consumption, the more you will save.

To make dacitions that impact on the energy bill, the very first thing is to get the necessary information. The energy devices will give us that information, to focus your efforts in saving smartly.

The energy looks very abstract, so the Energy Pack will help us to see the energy more tangibly and it will show us how are we consuming energy and how is the consumption of different appliances and circuits at home. 

It is a pack, specially designed for those who want to save energy and automate the house and control it from the smartphone.
The heating control, the savings on energy consumption and the switch of appliances remotely, are the main benefits of the pack. 


The POD is a Smart plug that allows you to control electrical consumption as well as the on/off state of an appliance from your Smartphone.

  • Control the consumption of your electrical appliances.
  • Eliminate Stand-by and avoid unnecessary consumption that may represent up-to 10% of your electric bill.
  • Receive alerts about unusual consumption.
  • Avoid risks resulting from overloads.
  • Employ it to simulate on-site presence when you are not at home, thanks to the on/off remote from your Smartphone.
  • Automate the on/off state of your electrical appliances.
  • If you synchronize it with your Wattio devices, it has as many uses as your imagination will allow. For instance: Synchronized with the Thermic, you will automatically be able to turn on an electric radiator when your home temperature dips below the degrees you consider ideal. Synchronized with the Door or Motion, you will be able to have the entrance door light to your house go on automatically.


The BAT is an electricity monitor (located within the electrical panel) that will allow you to control electrical circuits

  • Know your consumption habits and begin to save easily.
  • Its reduced dimensions make it an easy fit for even the smallest electrical panels.
  • Compare your consumption with other homes to determine if it is average.
  • Receive an alarm on your Smartphone should the light go out in your home or for some other anomaly.
  • You can place more than one Bat in your electrical panel, allowing you to control as many circuits as necessary.
  • Its installation is very easy. You’ll be able to do it yourself following the manual instructions.


The THERMIC is a smart thermostat, very easy to use that will enable you to control the heating from the smart home and save energy. 

  • Control home heating from your Smartphone and find your home always at the right temperature.
  • More efficient energy consumption means greater savings for you.
  • Automate heating by using calendar schedules that you can program easily from the Wattio application.
  • Its installation is easy. You can do it yourself by just following the manual.
  • Besides the savings, you will gain in comfort and convenience.


Colored touch-screen home automation center that reflects different devices. It acts as a gateway to system’s Internet. The Gate is the core of the Wattio system, thereby making it the first piece which you should own in order to get maximum results from all our devices.

  • It reflects all the activity in the devices you own.
  • You can connect by remote through the web application and by your cell/mobile app available through iPhone y Android.
  • You can control your devices when you are at home from your touch-screen; even without Internet, you can do so locally.
  • It offers your city’s weather forecast.
  • You can place it where you like. On a table, a shelf, or screwed into the wall. Its carefully-crafted design will make it blend in with any part of your house.


From the app you can control your home, check the energy consumption, receive alerts and much more:

  • ON-OFF of your electric stuff
  • Instant consumption of appliances and electric circuits
  • Historical consumption
  • Monthly consumptions in euros
  • Tariff analysis
  • Heating control from your smatphone
  • Notifications about unexpected consumptions and temperatures
  • Automation rules
  • Calendars, to automate your home


The system is compatible with IFTTT, so with most of the smart home systems in the market.

You can get extra automation features, such us turning on the heating when reaching close to home, so that it is warm when you get there, or turning the heating on if snow is forecasted. 

You can combine the devices between each other to gain more features and extend the system, getting security devices. 

Easy installation guide


  • Adaptor: AC/DC
  • 5V/10A
  • INPUT: AC100-240V AC 50/60Hz 0,5A Max.
  • OUTPUT: DC+5V 2A Max.


  • Power supply voltage: 3 V DC (2 x Alkaline batteries 1,5 V AA)
  • Usage life: > 1.5 years (Alkaline batteries AA)
  • Control output 1 (contact N.O.): 250 V ~ max. 8(3.5) A - 30 V max. 8(3.5) A
  • Control output 2 (contact N.C.): 250 V ~ max. 8(3.5) A - 30 V max. 8(3.5) A
  • Set point adjustment range: 15…30 ºC
  • Usage life: 100.000 cycles
  • Connection terminals for: 0.2 - 1,5 mm2 flexible cables.
  • Weight: 0,18 Kg.
  • Color casing, frontal: White 


  • Power supply voltage: 230 V ~
  • Power supply frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Maximum output current: 16A
  • Usage life: 30.000 ciclos
  • Precision: 1%
  • Plug type: Tipo F, CEE 7/4, Schuko
  • Color of casing, frontal: White 


  • Autonomy Range: > 1.5 years (2 AA Alkaline)