Your home safter than ever. Gate + Motion + Door + Siren.

With the Security Pack, you’ll be able to control what goes on home while you’re away.

This pack includes:

  • Gate: Home automation center.
  • Motion: Smart movement and temperature sensor.
  • Door: Smart window-door sensor.
  • Siren: Smart indoor siren

264,90 €

The collaborative security, with NO fees

Receive alerts on your smartphone and react with no risk.
You will protect your home and you will control what is going on 24/7, from wherever you are.

A security system woth no extra fees that is collaborative.

You will receive notifications on your phone when it detects windows or doors opened, when it detects movement, day or night and when the alarms sounds. 

Security and control, to protect your home and your familyand react when there is an emergency. 

The MOTION and the DOOR can be used every day. So it is a security system that you can use for daily life purposes. That is definetly extra value. 

Detect when are the kids back from school or turn the lamp on when opening the entrance door. Those are examples of home automation that you can implement with the devices of the Security Pack. 

Your alarm, with no fees

You can control the alarm from your phone and also from the GATE. Si you don't need your smartphone to activate and deactivate the alarm, just do it from the GATE, with the security code. 

You can share the code with your parents for example, so that if they come home when you are on holiday, they can deactivate the alarm, with no need of the app. 


Co-alert is a new and revolutionary, collaborative security model. You can share your SIREN alerts with your neighbors and family that also have Wattio, so if there is an emergency, they will be aware and they be able to help you quickly if you are not close.

It is an innovative way to answer to emergencies.

If an emergency occurs and you are not at home, you will probable call to someone that lives close, just to double check what is going on. With co-alert, this will be quicker, so more efficient.

The alert will reach immediately, so they will be informed at the same time and they can help you sort the emergency out.

Mobile app:

  • For Android and iOS.
  • receive alerts when it detects presence
  • It will let you know it there is an Internet failure or a power cut
  • You can activate and deactivate notifications and the alarm remotely


  • It reflects all the activity in the devices you own.
  • You can connect by remote through the web application and by your cell/mobile app available through iPhone y Android.
  • You can control your devices when you are at home from your touch-screen; even without Internet, you can do so locally.
  • It offers your city’s weather forecast.
  • You can place it where you like. On a table, a shelf, or screwed into the wall. Its carefully-crafted design will make it blend in with any part of your house.


  • Receive an alert on your Smartphone if any unexpected movement is detected in your home.
  • Its high sensitivity detects movement even in the dark.
  • If you synchronize it with other Wattio devices, it has as many uses as your imagination will allow. For instance: Synchronized with a Pod, you can arrange for the light to go on when the entrance door is opened.


  • Receive an alert if an unexpected visitor enters your home.
  • You can also place it in closets or drawers, or anywhere you don’t want your kids to reach, for instance, a medicine cabinet.
  • You will know when your kids arrive home, affording you tranquility.
  • Thanks to its small and discreet design, it will go totally unnoticed.
  • Its BAtery has six years of uninterrupted usage; even you will forget it’s there.
  • If you synchronize it with other Wattio devices, it has as many uses as your imagination will allow. For instance: Synchronized with the Thermic, you can have the heating turn off even while you have a window open for ventilation.


  • Potent sonic signals will make unwanted intruders leave your home hastily.
  • You’ll be able to turn off the siren from your Smartphone, avoiding unnecessary disturbances once the situation is under control.
  • It is the perfect complement to the Door or Motion. It is a security extra when you are not at home, which could make the difference during a burglary.

perpectiva pared mini gris.png

Compatible with IFTTT

The Wattio system is compatible with IFTTT, so the system is compatible with most of the smart home products in the market. 

You can activate and deactivate the security or the notifications of each device automatically, when you anter your home or you are leaving. 

You can combine the devices between each other, with rules, in the app. You can also increase your system with more energy devices and get savings. 

Combine the THERMIC with the DOOR, to turn the heating on when venting the room, for example. 


Easy installation guide


  • Adaptor: AC/DC
  • 5V/10A
  • INPUT: AC100-240V AC 50/60Hz 0,5A Max.
  • OUTPUT: DC+5V 2A Max.


  • Power supply voltage: Batteries 2xER14505 3.6V
  • Usage life: Max 2.5 years (depending on usage)


  • Power supply voltage: Button batteries 2x 3V CR2450
  • Usage life: Max. 6 years (depending on usage)


  • Range: Maximum 1 year, depending on usage (4 AA alkaline batteries)
  • Power Supply: AC/DC 1A-5V
  • INPUT: AC100-240V AC 50/60Hz 0,15A Max.
  • OUTPUT: DC+5V 1A Max.
  • Dimensions: 130*80*36mm
  • Color of frontal casing: White and green
  • Sound: 80- 90 dB