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Smart plug.

The most complete smart plug, of the market. It allows you to switch appliances on and off from your smartphone and reduce your electric consumption.

More than 3000 installations support us

49,99 €

The POD enable to measure the consumption of electric appliances, to help you save on the lighting bill.

Its multi-functional character makes it be one of the TOP sold of Wattio.

Energy saving 

Save up to 20% on your energy bill (according to usage). The very first step, consist on getting to know your consumption patterns.

The app will show you the way you consume energy, with different appliances, to help you to reduce your electricity expenses.

The POD eliminates the stand by consumption that could be up to 10% of the total consumption of the electric device. It is an energy that you are really not using, so it will be a direct saving on your bill.

Control of your home

You will control your house from wherever your are. You will be able to turn appliances on and off from your smartphone. Simulate presence when you are on

holiday, turn off whatever you fort on... everything in one click, at any time and from anywhere. Such a huge improvement on the way you interact with your home, isn’t it?

Set up calendars to the POD’s performance, so that the TV turns on automatically at dinner time, for example. You can automate your electric appliances, according to your routine and let your home pamper you on Sunday mornings, waking you up, by the smell of coffee.

The automation of your home could be so convenient. You can set up a calendar, to turn the TV off al 23:00 and get to know that it is time to rest. Or switch the Play Station off at 18:30, so that your kids know that it is time for homework. Additionally, you will know it all, as you will receive notifications on your smartphone, to get to know that everything is fine at home, even if you are still at the office.

Receive alert when it detects anomalous consumptions, to get to know what is going on. 
Get to know if your kids are watching TV when they shouldn’t be, or be the first one to know that the fridge is broken. 

Avoid over-voltages, so that it is the POD the damaged device and not your new flat TV. 


You can combine the POD with more Wattio devices, to improve your security, save more energy and gain in comfort:

- With the THERMIC, for he control of electric heaters

- With the BAT to avoid the annoying power outages

- With the DOOR, to turn the entrance lamp on when you reach back home

- With the MOTION, so that your baby does not feel fear of darkness, turning a lamp on, if the baby gets up at nights

Complete, reliable and recommended

Controlling your electric stuff from the Wattio app in quick and easy, as it has features such as:

- Highlighting or grouping PODs, by color marks, to identify them visually, in one second

- Block the PODs that you don’t want to turn off by mistake, such as the one you have connected to the fridge

 A very nicely designed device, compact and discrete.

You can use as many as you want, to monitor the different consumptions that you want to analyze. 

It also works as a signal amplifiers of the GATE. So it is very useful, if you want to increase the signal range or add more devices to your system.

The Wattio GATE is necessary for the POD's performance. 

Easy installation guide

Power Supply

  • Power supply voltage: 230 V ~
  • Power supply frequency: 50-60Hz

Control outputs

  • Maximum output current: 16A
  • Usage life: 30.000 ciclos

Adjustment/Visualization resolution

  • Precision: 1%
  • Plug type: Tipo F, CEE 7/4, Schuko
  • Color of casing, frontal: White