Smart siren.

The Siren is a sonic device designed to ward off intruders detected by the Door or Motion.

44,99 €


Acoustic siren, to scare intruders and avoid robberies, with no risk.

You will receive notifications on your phone or by email when there is an alarm activation, so you will be in charge of what is going on at home and you will be able to react from your smartphone.

You can control the SIREN from your phone and activate and deactivate the alarm from the GATE. You can use also both devices to check an unlimited list of occurred alerts.

The SIREN has a special 20 second pre-notification alarm tone, so that you have time enough to deactivate the alarm. It as has a battery back up, to keep ringing even if the thief disconnects the SIREN from power.


Combine the SIREN with the DOOR and the MOTION to make it start ringing as soon as someone opens the door or it detects movement.


No monthly fees

It is a 24/7 alarm that you can control remotely and will notify you immediately about what is happening at home.

You can activate and deactivate the SIREN from your phone and also from the GATE, with a 4 digit security code.

Will your parents take care about your pets while you are on holiday? Let them know about your security code and they can manage the alarm by themselves.




Co-alert is a new and revolutionary, collaborative security model. You can share your SIREN alerts with your neighbors and family that also have Wattio, so if there is an emergency, they will be aware and they be able to help you quickly if you are not close.

It is an innovative way to answer to emergencies.

If an emergency occurs and you are not at home, you will probable call to someone that lives close, just to double check what is going on. With co-alert, this will be quicker, so more efficient.

The alert will reach immediately, so they will be informed at the same time and they can help you sort the emergency out.



The SIREN is security and protection oriented. Additionally, you can use it as panic button, to take care of dependent people.

Make it sound when you need help and apart from hearing it, the person in charge will receive an alert on the phone. 

The Wattio GATE is a must for the SIREN's performance

4 batteries
Accesory: base to fit on wall
Double-faced adhesive tape
2 screws
Current adaptor

  • Range: Maximum 1 year, depending on usage (4 AA alkaline batteries)
  • Power Supply: AC/DC 1A-5V
  • INPUT: AC100-240V AC 50/60Hz 0,15A Max.
  • OUTPUT: DC+5V 1A Max.
  • Dimensions: 130*80*36mm
  • Color of frontal casing: White and green
  • Sound: 80- 90 dB