Smart thermostat.

The Thermic is a Smart thermostat you can control from your Smartphone.

74,99 €

Control your heating from your phone and save in the energy bill with the THERMIC. A complete heating solution, highly compatible and reliable.


Energy saving

The heating could be up to 40% of the total energy consumption in winter. Thanks to the special saving modes of the THRMIC, you will be able to save up to 32%, according to usage:

- Set up calendars, to turn the heating on just when someone will be at home and try the special ECO calendar, for extra savings, with recommended temperatures that you can customize to your routine.

- Use the PROTECT algorithm, to make your heater’s life longer



You can combine the THERMIC with more Wattio gadgets:

- With the MOTION, to control the heating with the temperature detected by the MOTION in another room.

- With the DOOR, to turn the heating off when venting the room.

- With the POD, for the electric heaters’ control




3 points to control the heating:

- The app, from your smartphone

- The THERMIC, specially designed to by easy to use, by all family members

- The GATE, thanks to its touch screen. Very convenient, if you are at home.


It has COMFORT calendars that you can set up in one click, so that you find your home always at the perfect temperature.

It offers a special COMFORT mode, so that the room temperature is always very close to the selected temperature.

You can install as many as you want, to control the heating in different rooms (depending on your heating installation).




Security and control

Don’t leave the heating on anymore. Receive alerts when it turns on and switch it off if you left it on by mistake. You can do it from wherever you are!

You can receive alerts when it detects unusually high or low temperatures.

Additionally the THERMIC has an anti-freezing mode that turns the heating on automatically to avoid freezing pipes and consequent breakdowns.


The Wattio GATE is a must for the THERMIC's performance

Easy installation guide
Required batteries included
Fixation components: studs and screws

Power Supply

  • Power supply voltage: 3 V DC (2 x Alkaline batteries 1,5 V AA)
  • Usage life: > 1.5 years (Alkaline batteries AA)

Control outputs

  • Control output 1 (contact N.O.): 250 V ~ max. 8(3.5) A - 30 V max. 8(3.5) A
  • Control output 2 (contact N.C.): 250 V ~ max. 8(3.5) A - 30 V max. 8(3.5) A
  • Set point adjustment range: 15…30 ºC

Resolution of adjustments/visualizations

  • Usage life: 100.000 cycles
  • Connection terminals for: 0.2 - 1,5 mm2 flexible cables.
  • Weight: 0,18 Kg.
  • Color casing, frontal: White and green